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About FullReader

FullReader is a multifunctional reader app for Android. It supports various file formats and offers adjustable settings, Day/ Night reading modes, Reading the text out loud due to TTS, access to online libraries and integration with cloud storage.

FullReader Review

What do we like about Full Reader?

Add colourful notes to the text to highlight crucial moments and place bookmarks on unusual pages. Direct management of created notes and bookmarks is available both in the reading mode of a book and in a dedicated section of the applet menu. All notes can be exported into separate external documents and are organised by books. Reader offers a vast variety of settings. All configurations are broken down into three categories: quick (readable), advanced, and general.

What skills does it improve?

FullReader apps help every reader improve their reading skills with the help of advanced technology. 

What age is it appropriate for?

FullReader is appropriate for all ages. 

Is Full Reader free?

FullReader can be easily downloaded for free on all Android devices.

Is Full Reader easy to use?

The first Android e-book reader app, FullReader, offers a dark theme that complements devices with Super AMOLED screens, extends the reading time, and complements the device. Additionally, the app has a Day/Night mode and a Reminder regarding extended reading. The feature that allows you to personalise the bottom toolbar makes FullReader a wonderful application. You may customise the app to your preferences and make it even more useful.

How will users benefit?

In FullReader, you can immediately save any section of the text to Notes. A separate menu section will have all of the notes, which will be arranged by books. Listening to the next chapter of your favourite book is the best thing you can do when your eyes are tired from reading for long periods of time but you still want to know what will happen to the book characters next. Due to its support for TTS engines, FullReader gives users this option. It also gives them the option to customise the voice, reading speed, and tone.

Simply select the book abstract and send it to the appropriate recipient with a few touches on the screen if you come across something thought-provoking and want to share it with a friend. Simply choose the text that needs to be translated and hit the translation option.

The facilitation of file operations with MP3-encoded files. In addition to audio playback, you may create bookmarks on the playback form, create custom playlists, and manage the reading experience as a whole.

The section of the app with a well-organized composition of classifying books by various criteria, with the option to create a list of favourites and create customised collections. You may significantly reduce how much memory your device uses by using storage services like Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive, and you can sync your books across many devices. Add your preferred libraries and get the necessary e-books right inside the reader.

What can Full Reader improve on?

FullReader is not accessible on iOS devices. 

How much does Full Reader cost?

FullReader is available free of cost. 

Final thoughts

An excellent free resource that will enable children to enjoy reading is the FullReader app, which is ideal for voracious readers. 

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