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Froggy Phonics is a fun and engaging app designed to boost literacy skills and is based on an award-winning Edupress ™ board game. Children use phonic patterns and their knowledge of prefix and suffix clues to help Froggy leap from lily pad to lily pad, eating fireflies and meeting his friends along the way. There are 8 different levels and over 800 words for Froggy to discover. 

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Developer Description

Leaping from lily pad to lily pad, Froggy uses simple phonics’ patterns to gulp down fireflies! The more fireflies Froggy collects, the more rewards earned for the Fascinating Firefly Festival! Based on a popular, award-winning Edupress ™ board game, Froggy Phonics combines multiple relationships between letters and their sounds as he hops through delightful outdoor surroundings.

Join Froggy on his adventures to collect as many fireflies as possible before the upcoming Firefly Festival. With the assistance of the helpful fish, players can locate all the fireflies and meet Froggy’s friends across eight beautiful outdoor levels.

Using prefix and suffix clues, early readers help Froggy on his quest while improving their overall literacy skills! Featuring beautifully illustrated environments, and a dazzling original soundtrack, Froggy Phonics will stimulate and encourage students in early year foundation stage. Reading has never been so enjoyable, so hop till you drop, and find all the missing words!

• Based on an award-winning Edupress™ board game
• Parent and teacher approved
• Ranging from ages 4 to 8
• Associates letters and letter groups with their sounds
• Nearly 900 different words for Froggy to discover
• Reveal levels and characters through hopping good play

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