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Frog Game - SCHOOL - sounds for reading

About Frog Game - SCHOOL - sounds for reading

This app aims at helping young children prepare phonological skills necessary for literacy or older children learning English as a second language the ability to become more proficient in the English language and specifically to pronounce the English sounds correctly. Following the same approach to learning sounds as they would usually access them there is a good link between this app and how the sounds would be taught in a school. It is worth noting that this is an app that is focussed towards the American curriculum and may also work well for those learning English as a second language. 

Teacher Review

This app has been developed by a team that clearly has a lot of knowledge, skills and interests in helping young people learn how to read and write. As a company they have put a lot of work and research into developing their apps. This is clear from their website and the authors of the content of the app who are all well renowned in their respective fields. The website also has a number of added bonuses including videos on how to get the most of the app itself and the ability to contact the developer.

The app itself follows the idea of an adventure. At the beginning the user is told the story of a powerful magician who has put a powerful spell on Hoppi, the main character (a frog), meaning that he has lost his speaking voice. It is therefore down to the user to help Hoppi find the spellbook, magic wand and magic key to break the spell. The user does this by making their way, adventure like, through a series of quests to ‘gain’ each new letter and sound. This part of the app is set out very much like an adventure game with the user working their way through a map, stopping off at each ‘point’ to gain a new sound. The user is unable to move onto a new sound until they have worked through the sound before. This game element will certainly keep users interest in the app and returning to it to thus further encouraging development through repetition. The gamification also adds an element of challenge to the app with the user continually attempting to ‘complete’ the sound level before they can move onto the next one.

Although the developer has produced different versions of this app to download containing parts of the content the school version of the app has the full content. This means that students need to work through each of the letters and sounds before they can freely choose the sounds to work through. Doing it this way means that the user needs to access each of the letters and sounds in a sensible fashion maximising their learning as they work through the app. Once they have done this they are then able to pick the letters or sounds that they need to practice the most and therefore can personalise their learning.

The added benefit of the school version is also that progress can be tracked on how well students are doing as they move through the app. This can be seen in the correct and incorrect answers that are given which can then be analysed by the teacher to personalise future learning based on any particular patterns. Results can also be emailed or printed and storage of the app and its data can be stored dropbox should the user wish to do this. All these small additions make that app extremely suitable for a classroom or educational setting however this doesn’t mean that the app cannot be used in a home setting also.

Overall with its enhancements matched to education settings I can see this app being well used although it is worth noting that is an American app so does have a bias towards the American schooling system and learning of letters and sounds.

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  • Frog Game - SCHOOL - sounds for readingFrog Game - SCHOOL - sounds for readingFrog Game - SCHOOL - sounds for readingFrog Game - SCHOOL - sounds for reading


Welcome to the Frog Game app. This app was developed by a certified Speech – Language Pathologist and focuses on improving auditory processing through phonological awareness skills that are essential for the development of reading, comprehension and spelling.

THE FROG GAME tells about Hoppi the frog. An evil wizard put a spell on Hoppi so he lost his speaking voice. To help Hoppi get his speaking voice again you need to help him get to the Magical Castle with the secret that breaks the spell. Throughout the game you practice the English consonant sounds in the same order as English speaking children acquire them while learning to speak.

Frog Game - SCHOOL

In Frog Game - School edition you help Hoppi find the Spell book, the Magic Wand and the Magic Key to the Castle. In the castle you need to help Hoppi make the Magic Potion. He needs to drink it to get his speaking voice again. On the way to the Magic Castle you play fun and interactive games with the Sounds and Letters in English. The Sun guides you at every level as far as what to do. You collect stars on the way and can see how far you are in the game.The letters that are not at the beginning of words are underlined in the words they appear.

1. Click the blinking TV in the upper right corner to hear the story in the beginning.
2. In the first round the student needs to finish all the sounds in each “board” first through the difficulty level provided. Then they can play as they want and go back and forth. This is important so that they do not skip through everything to begin with.
3. In Frog Games 1, 2 & 3 you play with the sounds provided in each one. In the School version you play and rehearse ALL the sounds through the games and they appear in the middle of words as well. It is more difficult and therefore more useful to slightly older children than 5 so be mindful of that when choosing which App to go for.
4) The School Master can: register students and follow progress while going through different levels, track correct and incorrect responses, e-mail results, print data
5) Each child registered can get through to a certain level at a certain time and continues from that level the next time she or he registers in. That way we make sure everyone goes through the whole program.
6) Storage has been significantly improved making dropbox available to store all information on the progress of each child.

The sounds and letters are practiced in interactive games with focus on:

  • Letter/Sound recognition
  • Fingerspelling ASL, capital and lower case letters
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Sound discrimination
  • Picture/sound recognition and recall
  • Text/word; sight recognition and sound recall (naming speed)
  • Vocabulary with hundreds of illustrated pictures by artists for the app
  • Visual and interactive reinforcement
  • Can register students and follow progress while going through different levels
  • Track correct and incorrect responses
  • E-mail results
  • Print data
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