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Freggers Play: learn to code in 3d

About Freggers Play: learn to code in 3d

This sandbox-style app lets children create worlds, scenes, and stories.  They can unleash their creativity while they learn the basics of coding.

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There are many computer games and apps where a little world appears to live on the screen.  Landscapes and buildings provide a backdrop for characters that wander around the world.  Usually, these characters behave according to the rules of the game in which they live.  Freggers Play lets the player build the world and create the rules for the inhabitants.
Building the world from beautifully drawn structures and landscape features is a satisfying experience.  Populating the world and creating the rules by which the inhabitants live is both creative and educational. It brings in many aspects of computer programming as sequences of rules are built up.
Chaotic chain reactions rippling across the landscape or calm and ordered serenity are both possible results of a player's creativity.   Stories can be crafted and told or just the results of 'what if?' questions can be experimented with.  The events can unfold from a single perspective or film-like camera angles can be used to add drama. The results can be truly impressive considering the simplicity of the tools at your disposal.
The flexibility of Freggers Play is a wonderful part of what it is but it is, at first, a confusing thing.  As app users and game players, we're conditioned to expect a purpose or structure.  When it isn't clear that one doesn't exist we look for one.  In Freggers Play, there is not one to be found, except in the imagination of the player.  
The app would make much more sense for new players if it made its unstructured nature clearer from the outset.  There is a clever story idea generator to avoid writer's block, but a screen that tells the player to just create and have fun would give many players the confidence to stop looking for a purpose and just enjoy making a new world.
There is the potential in this app for children to become deeply involved as they exercise both their imaginations and their logic skills.   Creative teachers could employ this app in many subjects.  Computer science is an obvious one but stories can be retold in English, scenes from history re-enacted, and maps created and traversed in geography.
It would be great if the app's developers eventually added some supporting resources for guiding its use in the classroom.  As it stands, teachers will have to put some thought and effort into using it but it could produce some superb lesson outcomes.
This is a free app to download and it comes with plenty of content.  There's enough to assess the app and with which to spend some worthwhile time on the app.  Should a player want more, it can be expanded through the use of in-app purchases which add new lands,  features, and inhabitants.
There is really no reason not to download this app and see what your children can make with it.  A lot of fun, creativity and learning awaits within it.
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  • Freggers Play: learn to code in 3dFreggers Play: learn to code in 3dFreggers Play: learn to code in 3dFreggers Play: learn to code in 3dFreggers Play: learn to code in 3d


With Freggers Play, learning how to code can be easy as pie. You can tell stories with animated animals and characters or invent your own games. Or you just have fun building in 3D and at the same time improve creativity and spatial imagination. With its many possibilities our award-winning app inspires girls and boys of almost every age.

• Children’s Media Award „The White Elephant“
• Two fundings for exceptional educational game concepts

• "Freggers Play offers children a variety of wonderful tools with which they can become an author, actor or director by realizing their own stories. This is perfect edutainment.“ - Gabriele Pfennigsdorf (Member of the Jury of the Children’s Media Award)
• "A programming game for kids and teens where girls and boys alike can have fun, is an enrichment for every family. At the same time it fulfills an important social function, namely introducing girls and boys to the basic skill of the future: coding.“ - Dr. Michaela Haberlander (FilmTelevisionFond)

• a vulcano island
• a dusty desert landscape
• a treasure island
• with matching items and components

• cheeky dragons
• lovely ponies
• cuddly pandas
• curious monkeys
• leisurely turtles

• ninjas and kids
• cowboys and Indians
• castaways and tribe people

• all actions
• all worlds
• two complete sets with unlimited number of figures and items
• additional sets can be purchased in-app

• building in 3d with easy touch control. Successfully tested by 3-year-olds!
• realistic physics-simulation: have you ever played dominoes with walls?
• idea generator gives you billions of suggestions for new projects

• Requires at least an iPad 3 or iPad mini 2
• NO coding experience needed

Available in the iOS app store for iPads

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