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Free Apps for Kids

Learning apps galore! Educational apps can help keep your kids learning and entertained. There are plenty of free apps for kids that support learning, teaching, homeschooling and interactive play. These kid-friendly apps for toddlers and preschoolers are free to download and help your kids learn while having fun. Parents can now find quality educational apps that help teach kids for free that cover everything from reading to math, to teaching kids how to code.

Why not save money by turning to free apps for your kids? The App Store and Google Play are loaded up with free apps ready to fill up your new iOS and Android devices. Whether your kid is a toddler or in preschool or kindergarten, there are good number of quality apps in education that are available as free apps.

This list is intended to help parents find free learning apps for kids. It includes a variety of app options from beautifully illustrated interactive stories and activities, puzzles, English, maths, numbers, music, coloring, language learning and educational games.

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Most of these free educational apps for kids are available for iPad and/or iPhone or Android devices. The list is jam-packed with best free games for kids and new apps are added regularly.

Here is the list of fun and engaging free apps for kids used by millions of parents to help educate and entertain young kids.

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Kids Academy

1. Kids Academy

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Kids Academy is our favorite free-to-download app for kids to learn. This app has more learning potential for kids, focusing on letters, numbers, words, coloring, childhood fairy tales and stories, nursery rhymes and more. Kids will learn and practice through the fun and engaging activities: educational games, interactive worksheets, quizzes, songs, books, videos and more.

Ages: 3+

Download Kids Academy on iTunes and Google Play

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LogicLike: Brain Teaser Games

2. LogicLike: Brain Teaser Games

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

LogicLike is a great place for kids to explore and learn. With interactive puzzles, logical problems and memory training games, there is a plethora of content to keep kids engaged. It's free, but there are in-app purchases, including the option to buy new levels.

Ages: 3+

iOS Android

Amaze Kids

3. Amaze Kids

(iPhone, iPad, Android)

Amaze Kids is the safest way for your child to discover top kids videos, songs and other learning content. Your kids can enjoy all videos any time they want with just a tap. Amaze Kids apps that cover a wide variety of topics. You can expand your child's creativity with great arts, crafts and DIY videos.

Ages: 3+

iOS Android

Khan Academy Kids

4. Khan Academy Kids

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Khan Academy Kids is a free educational app for ages 2 to 5 years old, focusing on subjects like math, science, reading, writing, social studies and more. The app also offers creative activities like drawing and storytelling.

Khan Academy Kids includes thousands of interactive activities for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten age children. It also includes children's storybooks, interactive videos, coloring and more.

Ages: 2-5

PBS Kids Games

5. PBS Kids Games

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

PBS Kids Games is a collection of games designed for older preschool and elementary age kids. The app has an amazing collection of learning games with popular PBS Kids characters and popular children's shows. This mini-game collection will support your child's learning letters, numbers, shapes, colors, matching, and more. All the content is kid-friendly and can be downloaded for offline play anytime.

PBS Kids Games app is a free selection of learning games featuring your kids' favorite PBS Kids characters. The PBS Kids Video app provides kids and parents with access to thousands of free videos, including full episodes and clips from top PBS Kids series.

Ages: 2-7

Pepi Wonder World

6. Pepi Wonder World

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Pepi Wonder World is a free app for kids that promotes imagination and creativity through its free-play design. The fairy tale-themed islands introduce kids to dragons, animals, gnomes, and a collection of other characters and gives them control over musical instruments, food, costumes, and other props. Pepi Wonder World encourages kids to use their imagination to play with the various characters and objects in two fantasy islands, Dragon Mountain and King's Castle.

Ages: 3+

Download Pepi Play on iOS and Android

Funbrain Jr

7. Funbrain Jr

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Funbrain Jr offers free learning resources for kids such as games, storybooks, videos, printable worksheets that develop skills in math, reading and literacy. Funbrain’s games help kids acquire new skills in reading, math and problem solving. The app has different sections (math, reading, fun, and playground arcade) that offer games and activities to help the child develop the necessary skills for pre-reading and pre-writing.

Ages: 2+

Coolmath Games

8. Coolmath Games

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

CoolMath games is a free education app for kids with math activities and games that helps children learn fundamental math skills and concepts. CoolMath games teach kids basic math concepts in a fun and engaging way. It's a suitable place for kids to learn math and play educational games. The app allows children to play basic games to reinforce math skills.

Ages: 13+

Duolingo ABC

9. Duolingo ABC

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Duolingo ABC is a free app that helps young children learn letters, letter sounds, phonics, and other foundational early reading concepts. Kids play a variety of early reading games to learn fundamental reading and writing skills with letter tracing and other activities.

Ages: 2+


10. Playtime Island from CBeebies

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

CBeebies Playtime Island is an app where kids can learn as they play with their favorite characters. This collection of educational mini puzzles and games helps kids build early reading and problem solving skills. The app is packed with over 25 free games for kids and new games are added regularly. CBeebies Playtime Island is available to download for free and has no adverts, no in-app purchases with parental lock feature.

Ages: 3 to 11

Starfall ABCs

11. Starfall ABCs

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Starfall ABCs is one of the best apps for kids learning the alphabet. It is a delightful app to help preschoolers get ready to read. Kids will see, hear, and interact with letters at the word and sentence levels, and get to play games as well. This app helps kids in learning letter recognition, letter sounds and sight words.

Ages: 2 to 5

Phonics Genius

12. Phonics Genius

(iPhone, iPad)

Phonics Genius is a free phonics app for children to learn to recognize and read words through letter sounds. Phonics Genius is an interesting app for parents to support their child learning to read and write. It is a useful app for building phonemic awareness and is best for kids to communicate better in English.

Ages: 3 to 11

Kiddopia - ABC Toddler Games

13. Kiddopia - ABC Toddler Games

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

ABC Toddler Games is a collection of games that are also available as stand-alone apps. It's free, but there are in-app purchases, including the option to buy new levels. Despite the name, the activities in this game target a wide range of ages; some are geared toward toddlers and preschoolers with nursery rhymes, very simple puzzles, and alphabet games, while others appeal to slightly older children with addition, subtraction, spelling, and so on.

There are educational videos for little kids, animated jigsaw puzzles, and animal games that encourage nurturing as well as more academic learning (letters, spelling, etc).

Ages: 2 to 7


14. BrainPOP

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

BrainPop offers a free educational movie with a corresponding quiz every day. Brainpop Jr. Movie of the Week is an app that gives younger kids access to these videos, plus short quizzes on them.

BrainPOP curriculum is designed for students K-12, but there’s also BrainPOP Jr., which is ideal for kids 0-3. Both feature lesson plans and activities for science, reading and writing, math, social studies, and health. Access for schools and students is free during coronavirus shut-downs.

Ages: 9+

Mussila Music School

15. Mussila Music School

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Mussila Music School is a free music learning app for kids. This simple, creative app helps kids learn the fundamentals of pitch, rhythm, reading music, and even music theory. The app teaches music to young children through game-based learning. Kids enjoy learning music by recognising instruments, instrumental sounds, rhythm and melodies.

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Ages: 3 to 11

PicoToONs - Colouring Book

16. PicoToONs - Colouring Book

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

PicoToons is one of the best free coloring apps for kids that brings the experience of physical colouring books to Android and iOS devices and adds some animations to distinguish it from the paper versions. Kids are provided with all the tools they need for creativity, like crayons, brushes, stickers, backgrounds, patterns, stencils, and more. Your child can have hours of creative fun here.

Ages: 3 to 10

Narrator AR

17. Narrator AR

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Narrator AR is one of the best handwriting apps for kids. The Narrator AR app takes your child's handwritten name from pen and paper and launches it off the page using augmented reality (AR). The app is safe for little users. It's ad-free, offline and its simplicity ensures that inquisitive fingers have an easy and fun experience. This AR app is available for free on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Ages: 3+

Little Chatterbox for Kids

18. Little Chatterbox for Kids

(iPhone, iPad)

Little Chatterbox for Kids is an interactive, free language learning app that enables young kids to practise and understand and select nouns, in a variety of different contexts, from a choice of eight foreign languages. Kids will be able to learn one of the eight languages – English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Hebrew, Mandarin, and Japanese.

Ages: 3-11

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Toca Life World

19. Toca Life: World

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Toca Life: World mashes combines all of the content from the Toca Life apps (City, Vacation, Office, and more) into a single place. The app is free to download, and it lets newcomers explore eight different in-game locations, like a hairdresser and shopping mall, and interact with 39 different characters. Toca Boca is a popular creator of children’s apps on smartphones and tablets. The app encourages open play and improves a child's imagination.

Ages: 3-7

ABCya Games

20. ABCya Games

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

ABCya Games is a free educational games app that's organized by grade level and subject area. The free-to-play app for kids provides access to tons of interactive games. It also has worksheets, videos and interactive stories. Most of the content is free and games are mostly super-simple, often one-dimensional ways to practice specific skills to keep kids engaged.

Ages: 3-11

Friendly Math Monsters is a free math app for kids to learn numbers, addition, subtraction and sorting in an entertaining, colourful, fun manner. Teach your child the basics of mathematics with this monster-game based app. From a mathematical standpoint, this app progresses children through single skills, one step at a time, building on the previous learning whilst retaining a consistent game based environment.

Ages: 3-7

Slice Fractions

22. Slice Fractions


Slice Fractions is one of the best free apps to learn fractions and reinforces many fraction concepts by challenging kids to slice ice and rocks into different fractional parts so that the pieces fall and clear a path for the Mastodon. Children won't necessarily be practicing fractions in a way that will help them in tests or with worksheets but they will be developing a conceptual knowledge of fractions that is, arguably, more important.

Ages: 5-11

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These learning games and songs for kids are fun, teach important skills for preschool and elementary school kids and they're free.

Toddler Learning Games is a free iPad app with educational games for young children to learn ABCs, shapes, numbers, colors, and more. These educational games are developed in cooperation with experienced teachers and parents. Children can play all pre-downloaded games offline. New games are added every month and are perfect for independent learning and exploration. The games encourage creativity for preschoolers and toddlers.

Ages: 1-5

We have selected a bunch of the best early-learning English apps that teach reading, writing, alphabets, words, spelling and phonics. Below is the selection of free English apps to teach the kids to read and write.

Teach Your Monster to Read

24. Teach Your Monster to Read

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Teach your Monster to Read is an award-winning app that teaches children to read in a fun and simplistic manner. The app covers the first two years of reading, from matching letters and sounds to enjoying books.

Teach your Monster app is widely used in preschool, primary school, kindergarten and first grade as an interactive teaching resource. Parents have seen significant improvements in their children’s literacy within weeks.

Ages: 3-7

Endless Reader

25. Endless Reader

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Endless Reader is a free app for kids to improve letter recognition, phonics, and reading fluency. Endless Reader is an app best suited for younger children and early level readers. This app is great for helping children learn and internalize basic phonic skills, and put them to use in a simple, interactive way.

Ages: 2+

Read with Phonics

26. Read with Phonics

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Read with Phonics is a free app to learn Phonics (UK) that helps young people to learn synthetic phonics. This is one of the best phonics apps, especially for UK schools. It is tied in very well to the curriculum and the processes children are used to in school and with its clean, easy to use functionality it is perfect in helping young children to read through synthetic phonics.

Ages: 3 to 11

Spelling Bee English Words

27. Spelling Bee English Words

(iPhone, iPad)

Spelling Bee is a free spelling app for kids to learn and practice spelling. With more than 100 words, this is a great app for young learners. Your child can drag and drop letters to learn how to put popular words together. Kids are motivated with the rewards at each level.

Ages: 2+

Our list of free science apps for kids helps to learn human body parts, the solar system, forms of matter and even plant life cycles.

3D Brain

28. 3D Brain

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

3D Brain is one of the best free science apps to learn the human brain and also gives users a 3D look at the structure and make-up of all the parts of the brain. The app consists of 29 interactive structures, which can all be rotated in a 3D space to allow users to see around the brain.

Ages: 11 to 18


29. SkyView Free

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

SkyView app is one of the free astronomy apps that allow kids to see what's in the sky above them. They point the device in any direction and see what planets, constellations, and even satellites are in the sky. When they see something, they can tap on it, and then read a bunch of facts about it. Kids can learn about astronomy and tons of sky-related factoids, from astronauts and their missions to distances of stars from Earth.

Ages: 11 to 18


30. Bee-Bot

(iPhone, iPad)

Bee-Bot allows children to learn the basics of coding with their game-based approach. This free coding app helps kids learn to code with different puzzles using the cartoon bee. Bee-Bot has a range of computer science concepts from sequences of forwards, backwards, directional language which helps in developing a better understanding of coding.

Ages: 7 to 14

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We chose these free apps based on ratings from both parents and kids, so you can be sure these will kick-start your child’s mind. These free apps for children will encourage your kids to learn more and will save you the money and time from looking for apps on the app stores. All children love the chance for some screen time and there's a huge choice of great apps on the market. The above list of apps is our pick of the most entertaining, educational games and creative apps for children.

Most Popular Apps for Kids