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Free Apps for Kids

Learning apps galore! Explore this extensive selection of free apps for kids, recommended by teachers and used in schools. Our apps are the perfect way to build the skills that teachers say are most important for kids ages 3-18. Educational apps for parents, teachers and students make the process of learning and teaching a lot easier and more fun for everyone.

Teachers can find free apps for students for almost any subjects like Math, English, Science, History, Geography, Languages, Arts and Coding that will be of great help in the classroom. Teachers can also find apps aligned to curriculum and lesson plans for the apps created by our expert educators in our Teacher App Library.

Parents can find free apps for kids that will help them as part of their children's learning at home. Educational App Store helps busy parents find best educational apps for kids to learn in a fun way after school or during holidays. These apps help children develop important skills needed in school and promote bonding between parents and children. Explore our Parent App Library to search, discover and share the teacher recommended apps and app guides created for busy parents.

Check out these recommended apps for preschoolers in all subject areas.

Free Math Apps for Kids

Counting Numbers, Addition and Subtraction, Basic Fractions, Multiplication and Division

Vegetable Maths Masters is a free maths app using vegetables. Children can practice maths skills whilst playing with real images of vegetables in a fun way which also teaches children about the names of the vegetables and helps to make them more familiar. The app is designed to support maths and also encourage healthy eating.

Ages - 3 to 10

Basic Math skills: addition

( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

Free App to Learn Counting and Addition

Children from ages 4 and 5 (Kindergarten) will find age appropriate games to match their maturing level in mathematics:, counting coins, logical sequence, number recognition, association quantity and numbers (1-9) counting, addition, subtraction. Children ages 6 and 7 (first grade and second grade of elementary) practice math activities: counting numbers (tallying), additions without regrouping, subtraction (with coins), and subsequently subtraction without regrouping.

From age 8 to 9 (third grade and fourth grade of elementary school) the math game consists of:: mental arithmetic sums of two-digit numbers,mental math subtractions, times tables (learn to multiply), multiplication, and sequences. From age 10 (fifth and sixth grade of elementary school and Middle School) the math game consists of: mental arithmetic additions (with regrouping), subtraction (with regrouping), times tables and division. 

Ages - 3 to 10

Slice Fractions

( Android - Free )

Free App to Learn Fractions

Slice Fractions reinforces many fraction concepts by challenging kids to slice ice and rocks into different fractional parts, so that the pieces fall and clear a path for the Mastodon. Children won't necessarily be practicing fractions in a way that will help them in tests or with worksheets but they will be developing a conceptual knowledge of fractions that is, arguably, more important.

Ages 5 to 11

Free App to Learn Numbers, Addition, Subtraction and Sorting

Entertaining, colourful, fun and mathematically accurate app. Teach your child the basics of mathematics with this monster-game based app. From a mathematical standpoint, this app progresses children through single skills, once step at a time, building on the previous learning whilst retaining a consistent game based environment. The app covers sorting, counting, largest and smallest numbers, patterns, basic addition and subtraction, differences.

Ages 3 to 7

Free App to Learn Math Concepts

IXL is an extensive menu of problems all aligned to the National Curriculum and Common Core Standards. While the app is free, there is a subscription for full access to all the problems. The price is well worth the money. Students have access to hundreds of well developed problems that are paced according to student success and organized by each grade level standard. The problems are interactive and engaging. In many cases, concepts are developed conceptually through the development of the problems set in that category.

Ages 3 to 14

From counting and basic operations to algebra and trigonometry, our selection of math apps cover essential math skills in unique and engaging ways.

Free English Apps for Kids

We have selected a bunch of the best early-learning English apps that teach reading, writing, alphabets, words, spelling and phonics. Below is the selection of free english apps to teach the kids to read and write.

Learning the ABC for kids

( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

Free App to Learn Alphabets

Learning the ABC for kids application is a fun app for teaching children the basics of the alphabet. The app is suitable for Early Years Foundation and primary school up to the ages of 5.The application introduces 5 games that cover pronounced letters, reordering letters in the alphabet, capital letters, guess the picture and guess the word.

Ages 3 to 11

Phonics Genius

( iPad - Free )

Free App to Learn Phonics (US)

Phonics Genius is a customizable flashcard-style app designed to help kids identify letter sounds and their relationship to words and has just about every conceivable phonetic combination presented in a high quality and completely enjoyable way. Phonics Genius is a great resource for building phonemic awareness and is best for kids who are emergent readers with previous reading experience.

Ages 3 to 11

Free App to Learn Phonics (UK)

A phonics based app that helps young people to learn synthetic phonics. This is a fantastic app that has been extremely well developed by professionals proficient in not only the topic of phonics but also with a very good understanding of the education and classroom setting. This is one of the best phonics apps especially for UK schools. It is tied in very well to the curriculum and the processes children are used to in school and with its clean, easy to use functionality it is perfect in helping young children to read through synthetic phonics.

Ages 3 to 11

Free App to Learn Spelling

World's Worst Pet - Vocabulary is an engaging English Language Arts game designed for ages 7-14. This app helps children increase their vocabulary by taking players through an adventure. We love how the narrative grabs the attention of students without sacrificing the academic component. Children are introduced to domain-specific vocabulary words in word lists that are grouped by topic. The high-quality graphics and abundance of levels makes this a go-to app for vocabulary practice.

Ages 7 to 14

Free Science Apps for Kids

Our list of free science apps for kids helps to learn human body parts, the solar system, forms of matter and even plant life cycles. Regardless of ages, we have got an app that will bring out the best in your budding scientist.

3D Brain

( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

Free App to Learn Human Brain

3D Brain is an interactive app that gives users a 3D look at the structure and make-up of all the parts of the brain. It would be beneficial for anyone who is interested in learning more about the brain, including users who are recovering from a traumatic brain injury and may want to learn more about their diagnosis.

The app consists of 29 interactive structures, which can all be rotated in a 3D space to allow users to see all the way around the brain. Each structure contains information including associated functions, disorders, brain damage, case studies and links to modern research. There is an easy to use menu on the right hand side that allows users to select a structure, get info on that structure, and see where the structure is located within the brain.

Ages 11 to 18

HudsonAlpha iCell

( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

Free App to Learn Animal and Plant Cells

HudsonAlpha iCell is a free reference app with cool, interactive graphics that help kids learn about animal, bacteria and plant cells at their own pace. The ability to manipulate the cell structures, enlarging them and rotating them, as kids learn about different parts of the cell is engaging and provides great interactivity.

Ages 11 to 18

SkyView® Free - Explore the Universe

( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

Free App to Learn Astronomy

In SkyView Universe, kids can see what's in the sky above them. They point the device in any direction and see what planets, constellations, and even satellites are in the sky. When they see something, they can tap on it, and then read a bunch of facts about it. Kids can learn about astronomy and tons of sky-related factoids, from astronauts and their missions to distances of stars from Earth. They can build their research skills by tracking and recording the trajectory of their favorite planet. SkyView Universe is well-suited to give kids who are already interested in astronomy the information they seek and also to inspire kids who may not have wondered about the sky to be more curious. SkyView Universe gives loads of science information with some cool features, but the amount and depth of exploration is up to the kids.

Ages 11 to 18

Free Language Learning Apps for Kids

Our collection of language learning apps for kids will introduce them to a foreign language. Discover the top languages your kids should learn.

Free App to Learn Language

Little Chatterbox for Kids is an interactive, language-learning app that enables young kids to practise and understand and selection of nouns, in a variety of different contexts, from a choice of eight foreign languages. At the user’s disposal there are eight language from which you can choose – English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Hebrew, Mandarin, and Japanese.

Ages 3 to 11

Free Coding App for Kids

Engage kids in your classroom or at home with these free coding apps. Using these picks, kids can unlock the logic of code and the basics of programming, turning computers into tools to make new things.


( iPad - Free )

Free App to Learn Coding

From the very popular Bee-Bot floor robot, the new Bee-Bot app allows children to easily use an app version of the robot to easily learn the basics of programming in the different levels and puzzles using the cartoon bee, suitable for very young children. It allows children to improve their skills in directional languages and programming through the different sequences of forwards, backwards, left and right 90 degree turns in each level. Progression within the app will allow students to develop their knowledge whilst solving the complex challenges throughout the different aspects of the game.

Ages 7 to 14

Free Educational Games for Kids

These learning games and songs for kids are fun, teach important skills for preschool and elementary school kids and they're free.

Toddler Learning Games

( iPad - Free )

Toddler Learning Games is one of the best iPad educational game app designed to appeal to young children with its vibrant appearance and to parents with its fun mini games suitable for toddlers. The app features popular award-winning games by 22learn.

These educational games are designed by educational experts and parents that encourages creativity and pretend play. New games are added every month and are perfect for independent learning and exploration. The games offer a number of different learning opportunities. Some, such as numbers, ABC and shapes can be directly linked to the lessons that toddlers will soon be attending.

Ages 7 to 14

These free apps for children will encourage your kids to learn more and will save you the money and time from looking for apps on the app stores. All children love the chance for some screen time and there's a huge choice of great apps on the market. The above list of apps are our pick of the most entertaining, educational games and creative apps for children.

Other top picks for kids from our teachers: