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Frederick: Learn to Read

Read, Spell, Pronounce English

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About Frederick: Learn to Read

Frederick: Learn to Read is an 'all in' type of app that covers all the different ways that young children, as well as older learners new to the English language, will learn to read. It introduces users to the English language through multiple games and covers all the intricacies of how to read. This include phonics, the mechanics of pronunciation as well as sight words, which are words that anyone who is learning English needs to know by looking at them and don't necessarily adhere to common sound conventions. 

Users get some content for free within the app but they can also upgrade for a one off fee to receive all the content within the app. The Frederick: Learn to Read app is available to download both on IOS and Android devices. 

Teacher Review

Through playing games users are able to have a solid introduction to learning the English language through Frederick: Learn to Read app. Through a number of interactive games contained in the app users make their way through all the different elements of learning how to read. Knowledge of sounds and sight words are embedded through repetition and as users are guided through the app they will soon become masters of reading English. 

Is Frederick: Learn to Read easy to use?

Although the website linked to the app claims that a 2 year old could easily access the app it did take me a little bit of time to work out what all my options were and what all the different options allowed me to do. However, in playing around I discovered a lot of content that maybe would have taken me longer to find. I think the main reason is that there is so much! So much content, so many buttons that I want to press and so much that I can choose to do. This is by no means a bad thing in fact the complete opposite!

What we love about the Frederick: Learn to Read app

The sheer amount of content with the app is excellent. Although initially you only get a limited amount of access for free and the whole content with a one off fee, the free content is still a lot! However, there are lots of other elements that I really like about the app. There is an option to see and refresh your memory over all the new words and sounds you have come across, via a 'Word Bank'. This is incredibly useful when users want to assess how far they have come and to make sure that their learning has 'stuck'.

Other great features include the actual game play of the app too. Users make their way through a series of games developing both knowledge and skills as they do so. If a user 'wins' then they have mastered that lesson meaning they are able to move forward. 

The graphics also help to set this app apart from many similar apps on the market and coupled with the fun factor that playing this app brings, Frederick: Learn to Read puts itself very much ahead of a lot of its competitors.  

What could Fredrick: Learn to Read app improve on

At first, I did think that there was so much content that I could spend hours just trying to figure it all out. For me this wasn't an issue as I enjoy playing around and getting 'lost' in an app, However, for some users this might put them off a little. Maybe having a short guide on first using the app or some overlays to explain some of the features and buttons might make it more user friendly to those types of users.

With the word bank another added bonus would have been a way to track a users progress especially in an education setting but also something that could be very useful for parents to use as well. This could also include areas where a user didn't do so well so that maybe this could be an area to focus on in future. 

I could certainly see teachers utilising the app by encouraging parents to use the app at home to further develop and compound the learning in the classroom and I could see them being used in guided circumstances for maybe weaker readers as a way to engage them too. However, without an assessment side to the app teachers would have consider how they might use this to revisit learning.

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  • Frederick: Learn to ReadFrederick: Learn to ReadFrederick: Learn to ReadFrederick: Learn to ReadFrederick: Learn to ReadFrederick: Learn to ReadFrederick: Learn to Read


Frederick lets speakers of ANY language learn to read, spell and pronounce English through play, all in English! No translating or memorizing!

Because traditional English programs are boring, confusing and ineffective, many English students struggle to become confident, fluent readers and speakers.

So we removed everything that makes these old methods frustrating and made a NEW way for students to teach THEMSELVES, THEIR way! With Frederick, you can correct your mistakes instantly and develop all of your communication skills as fast as you like. It’s like having a native English teacher with you wherever you go!

How Frederick Works:

You move step-by-step through the reading levels of PHONICS (the rules of pronunciation) – also learning SIGHT WORDS (words that break pronunciation rules) – from the alphabet and single sounds to words and full sentences.

In each level’s “Explore Mode,” you DISCOVER the rules of phonics, spelling and pronunciation by making different letter combinations. You learn the real, native pronunciation of words, understand meanings with icons instead of translations, and increase your vocabulary.

Then you test your knowledge and skills with different games. Winning proves you’ve mastered a lesson!

There’s a “Word Bank” where you can see all of the words you’ve found, and you can also unlock all levels and modes with “Teacher Mode."

Frederick works offline, and you can easily track progress with word counters and rewards!

The first 3 levels are FREE:

1. the alphabet (Aa, Ba, Cc…)
2. short vowels and consonants (at, in, up…)
3. three-letter words (cat, bug, pig…)

Pay the one-time upgrade fee to get instant access to levels 4-35. (Upgrade within the first 30 minutes of using Frederick and get 50% OFF!)

4. consonant blends (CRab, STop, deSK…)
5. consonant digraphs (CHip, SHip, loCK…)
6. ng, nk (riNG, siNK, taNK…)
7. al, all, el, ell, il, ill, ul, ull, le (bALL, mILk, jungLE…)
8. magic/silent e (lakE, linE, modE…)
9. long A (rAIn, mAIl, pAY, EIGHt...)
10. long E (sEAl, mEAl, bE, fIEld, candY, kEY...)
11. long I (pIE, tIE, hIGH, wIld, kInd, flY...)
12. long O (bOAt, gOAt, lOW, gO, fOld, vOlt...)
13. long U (news, boot, clue, fruit...)
14. aPPle (eGG, PHone, QUit...)
15. dOg (cAUGHt, bOUGHt, frOg, wALk...)
16. brEAd (hEAd, rEAd, swEAt...)
17. cOIn (bOIl, cOIl, bOY, jOY...)
18. bOOk (cOOk, fOOt, pUll, pUsh...)
19. clOUd (OUt, cOUch, cOW, dOWn...)
20. cactUs (About, Alone, tokEn, pandA...)
21. sYrup (crYstal, phYsics, sYstem...)
22. City (Cell, Cobra, Gem, draGon...)
23. cAR (bAR, cARd, shARp, tARt...)
24. chAIr (hAIR, pAIR, cARE, shARE...)
25. EAR (gEAR, fEAR, lEER, pIER...)
26. bIRd (hER, pEARl, wORk, sURf...)
27. fORk (fOR, bOAR, dOOR, fOUR...)
28. sensitIVE (actIVE, elusIVE, negatIVE...)
29. sWAn (sWAt, WAtch, QUAlity, sQUAt...)
30. miX (fiX, EXam, EXcellent, EXpel...)
31. likED (votED, callED, lookED...)
32. canS (wishES, brickS, callS...)
33. vulTURE (culTURE, sURE, meaSURE...)
34. quesTION (convenTION, educaTION, equaTION...)
35. siGN (GNat, KNee, coMB, WRap...)

Frederick Is Perfect For:

Adult English language learners who want to understand the rules of spelling and pronunciation so they can quickly reduce their accent and understand natives more easily.

Teachers and parents (even those with NO EXPERIENCE teaching reading) who want a simple, natural and fun way to teach kids or adults to read, spell and pronounceEnglish. There are no confusing instructions in Frederick, and there’s no “system” tolearn, so even a two-year-old can use this simple tool all by themselves!

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