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Fraction Monkey - Math Game for Kids

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Fraction Monkey – Math Game For Kids is a much better way to learn fractions in a fun and engaging way. The game play has 40 levels that requires logical thinking and improve maths skills.
It helps teaching kids to solve math problems that include fractions. It has a fun Angry Birds feel to it, but at the same time the kids are learning a little math. The fraction problems get increasingly harder as it doesn't just cover addition and subtraction of fractions but also includes multiplication and division.

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  • Fraction Monkey - Math Game for KidsFraction Monkey - Math Game for KidsFraction Monkey - Math Game for KidsFraction Monkey - Math Game for Kids


Does your child need help learning fractions? Fraction Monkey is here to help!

Fraction Monkey is an educational Angry Birds for kids. It teaches kids valuable math skills while they play in a safe world.

- Launch flying cupcakes at the right answer to score big
- Explore 40 levels including the jungle, ocean and outer space
- Practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions
- Answer math problems created by teachers

Children have so much fun they don't even realize they're practicing fractions. This is the perfect game for kids, parents and teachers!

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