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The fractions in this free app play a secondary role to the fun of mashing two totally different photos together, but they are there. It is a fun way to introduce children to equivalent fractions but, alone, it will not give them the depth of understanding or thoroughness of practice that they will require to master the topic.

Have some fun with your child as you mash together photographs but draw attention to the displayed fractions and ask some questions that will encourage them to think. In particular, point out how when half of a photograph is used, it might show a fraction of 8/16 rather than 1/2. Discuss whether it is still the same fraction and how the numbers relate. In this example, you would point out that 8 is half of 16 just as 1 is half of 2.

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New York Hall of Science

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Create hilarious and dazzling photo mashups while exploring fraction concepts.

Educators can inspire learners to explore and use mathematical concepts involving fractions as they make hilarious and complex photo mashups. Sign up for a free account to access lesson plans, inspirations, and join a community of educators making inspiring learning experiences with Noticing Tools.

Fraction Mash - one of a suite of five Noticing Tools (™) from the New York Hall of Science - was inspired by photography and art to learn and explore math. Fractions have never been this fun!

Swap parts of your friend’s face with a cat. Mix your teacher’s face with your favorite celebrity. Believe it or not, you’re doing math. Making mashups is breaking the pictures into fractional parts. Use fractions to manipulate the size and number of the pieces that appear in the final creation. You’ll naturally reason with fractions while making pictures worth sharing.

With Fraction Mash, you can:

* Find or take photos you want to mash together
* Adjust grids to partition the pictures
* Use fractions to control the size of pieces and how many pieces appear from each photo in the final mashup
* Toggle between grids to slice photos the way you want.
* Smooth feature automatically blends the edges to create optimal results.
* Re-mix previous mashups for even crazier effects.
* Combine text, audio, video, images to tell a story, or write up how you made it, in Tell a Story.

Ideal for elementary and middle school classrooms, Fraction Mash and accompanying curriculum activities address Common Core Math Standards (CCSM) by integrating content, mathematical practices, and delight! Online professional development courses are also available. Learn more at

Fraction Mash is one of five Noticing Tools (TM) from the New York Hall of Science. The full suite includes Choreo Graph, Playground Physics, Size Wise, and Volumize.

Noticing Tools were developed in collaboration with Local Projects, an award-winning media design firm based in New York.

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