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About Fraction Calculator

Fraction Calculator Plus Free is like the standard iOS Calculator widget, but seriously beefed up to make fraction calculations quick and easy.

Fraction Calculator Review

What do we like about Fraction Calculator?

You can enter full numbers on the left-hand keyboard in either positive or negative format. This is very straightforward, but the keyboards to the right are where the true meat of the software resides.

You can create your fractions using the two smaller keyboards on the right-hand side. With the top one, you can type the numerator—the number that appears above the fraction line—and with the bottom one, you can type the denominator, which appears below the fraction line. The top has a positive/negative button, while the bottom has all the conventional add, subtract, multiply, divide, and equals symbols. Everything you require to operate simple sums and manage fractions is right here.

What skills does it improve?

Fraction Calculator helps to enhance arithmetic skills and solves all troubles of mathematical calculations. Fraction Calculator is available to download on all Android and iOS devices. 

What age is it appropriate for?

The fraction Calculator is appropriate for all ages. 

Is Fraction Calculator free?

Fraction Calculator is available free of cost. 

Is Fraction Calculator easy to use?

This app exudes simplicity in every way. The app's developer has done a remarkable job of being able, to sum up, pardon the pun, the capabilities in just around 20 words or so when you first launch it. You'll notice some instructions overlaid on the calculator UI.

While using Fraction Calculator Plus Free, you can hit the I in the top left corner to bring up the instructions again if you ever get stuck, but after your first try, I strongly doubt you'll need them.

How will students benefit?

The finest and simplest way to deal with fractions in daily life is with Fraction Calculator Plus. Add, subtract, divide, and multiply fractions to find the answer. Simple fraction to decimal conversion.

How will parents benefit?

The buttons and digits are large and legible, making them easy to view from a distance. The practical triple keyboard display makes typing quickly possible. To input "three and three quarters," just type it three times. To make it simpler for you, each fraction is automatically reduced down to its simplest form. Every outcome is also shown as a decimal number. The conversion becomes simple as a result. Fractional addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division have never been simpler.

What can Fraction Calculator improve on?

The navigation features of the Fraction Calculator are a bit troublesome. 

How much does Fraction Calculator cost?

Fraction Calculator has in-app purchases that start from $1.99. 

Final thoughts

A wonderful example of a developer recognising a need and addressing it without including a tonne of superfluous features or a crowded design is Fraction Calculator Plus Free. Instead, you have a very straightforward structure with clear instructions that allows you to begin going right away.

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