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Four little corners

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Teacher Overview

This is a beautiful app that teaches kids about the differences between squares and circles within a cute story that teaches kids about the value of friendship. The app is beautiful and highly creative. We have given the app an EAS Certification of 5 Stars and EAS Recommended Status.

Teacher Review

This is a wonderful app that has been created with the utmost love and care. The story is about a square amongst his friends who are all circles. When the circles go to play inside a house and enter via the circular door, the little square cannot get in. The square is sad and his friends try to help him!

In this game we do not count sides or learn about geometry in-depth however, we do get a basic idea of make-up of squares and circles. The value of the app lies in the learner reading the story to him/herself and in learning values on friendship, comradeship, participation and problem-solving.  The app works very well to hone-in on the learner’s concentration skills as it has just the right amount of content, displayed in such a way that focuses attention but does not tire.

The way that the story has been conceptualised and presented makes it very easy for children to engage with the story. The illustrations and design work in the app are amazing and highly creative. The music is all original composition and adds to the dramatisation of the story.

This is a very special app and we are not surprised that it has won so many prizes as the team behind it have made something that is one-of-a-kind. Apps like these would encourage children to read more and get really involved in the stories.

We really enjoyed reviewing this app. We hope you save it onto the Cloud so that you can “pass it down” to generations as this app is a classic in the making. 

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Developer Description

* BolognaRagazzi Digital Award 2013
* Editor's Choice Award from the Children's Technology Review
“Four Little Corners” is a book that teaches values such as friendship, integration and equality.
* Selected as the BEST OF 2013 by the App Store in Spain, Mexico and Argentina

The main character is a small square, Little Square, whose friends are all small circles, the Little Circles. They are all playing together, but when it is time to go into the house, Little Square cannot go in with his friends because the door is round. They all try to solve the problem, but will they succeed? Will Little Square’s friends help him?
An interactive adaptation of Jerôme Ruillier’s story: “Four Little Corners”. The narration, comprised of simple and short phrases, makes it an ideal book for young readers who are just starting to read for themselves.

Simple shapes are used to express values such as friendship, participation, comradeship, equality and social integration. Children learn in a fun way.

•Enhances the child’s creativity and attention span.
•Enables the child to share experiences with his or her family through quality entertainment.
•Encourages learning and stimulates the child’s narrative skills.
•Transmits universal educational values (tolerance, equality, solidarity, etc.) in a fun way.
•The child touches the screen to see the characters having fun and interacting.
•Teaches colours and simple shapes.
•Original soundtrack.

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