Four Letters

Endless 4 letter word puzzle

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About Four Letters

Four Letters is a classic word search style game. You get a grid of letters and you find words. Four Letters is available for free to download on the iOS and Android devices.

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Four Letters Review

What is Four Letters

Four Letters is a word game based around speed. You get four letters, a rapidly depleting timer, and a handy note that says how many words can be made from the letters in front of you. Tap out a word and your game gets to continue for a bit longer.

Once you’re a few dozen words in, Four Letters becomes a fast, frantic, panic-inducing flurry of quick thinking and super-fast tapping. In some ways, it’s perhaps a pity there’s no timer-free mode for training purposes (and the faint hearted), but Four Letters is a great bet if you fancy a simple, entertaining word game that doesn’t let you dawdle.

Like all word game apps, Four Letters starts out simple but quickly progresses to harder and harder puzzles to solve. With only four letters, you have to make a word as quickly as possible. Smooth and easy to play in small pockets of downtime to improve your vocabulary.

How does it work?

This game empowers you to make four-characters words and the quicker you do it – the better. That said, the gaming process is quite intensive and time restricting so it requires your pay your full attention.

Into the bargain, each level requires you to form new words and never repeat and it might get very difficult from time to time. However, the game can improve your vocabulary quite a lot and it accepts various words even the bad ones. All the terms you form are being attached to your history and there’s no chance to cheat and repeat the words.

There are more than two thousand words to form in general which is almost impossible. When you complete particular amounts of words you can get rewards in the form of hints or in-game money. At the beginning of the game, you get a few free hits but it doesn’t take long for you to run out of those. The game has ads but you can remove it with a one-time fee.

To crown it all, if you want to fill in short amounts of free time with vocab increases, the Four Letters game is your cup of tea.

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