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Foundation Key Words

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Foundation Key words app’s content is focused on the high-frequency words, numbers, colours, months and days of the week that children need to learn at a young age.  As well as a flash card mode there are also three word recognition games that can be played.

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  • Foundation Key WordsFoundation Key WordsFoundation Key WordsFoundation Key WordsFoundation Key Words


This app contains 209 high frequency sight words that provide an essential foundation for all students of English. Learning these words will give your child a confident start in reading.


Follows the UK literacy curriculum
45 words for Early Years & Reception Year Children (Up to age 5)
115 words for Key Stage 1 Children (Years 1 and 2 / Ages 5 to 7)
3 fun word games included
Days, Months, Colours and Numbers from 0 to 20
Words are grouped alphabetically
Shuffle modes for variety when learning
UK English female pronunciation for every word

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