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Formulas +, mathematics physics chemistry electron

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About Formulas +, mathematics physics chemistry electron

This is a handy reference tool for a wide range of formula in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Electronics. Search through the theory of each of these subjects to find out what it is you need to know.

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Available for the iPad and iPhone, this app is crammed full of information related to four STEM subjects, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Electronics. It does the job of providing quick and simple summary notes to refer to when needed. 
From the home screen, or ‘formulary’, the subjects are displayed for you to select. Opening up a subject reveals the list of topics and formula for specific reading. Each topic has a brief explanation of the formula’s context as well as indicating what each variable represents and an example of the formula in use. At the bottom of the text is an interesting and useful fact related to the formula. Where necessary the text is split up with supporting diagrams.
In the Mathematics section the topics are split up into ‘basics’, ‘algebra’, ‘geometry’, ‘trigonometry’, ‘calculating’ and ‘statistics’. The largest section of roughly 30 shapes is the ‘geometry’ section. The Physics section includes formula for mechanics, optics, electricity, thermodynamics, and radioactivity. In Chemistry, as well as the usual molar equations, there is also a detailed periodic table and some common definitions. The section for Electronics is very similar to the Physics section with some extra information about safety and symbols. For each of the subjects there is a search function that will filter through formula and theory for any of the key terms you enter.
There are two in-app purchases on offer that extend the content beyond just the theory and allow you to process calculations for some of the formula. A little calculator symbol appears on the screen if the section has this function available. A simple tap on the calculator opens a new window where the calculation can be performed. This is limited to some of the shapes and quadratic equations in Mathematics as well as a unit converter. Once the app has processed a calculation, a simple summary of the working out is displayed and this can be exported as a PDF, sent to iTunes or printed directed. Each of the in-app purchases will cost you 79p on top of the £2.99 for the original app. This does seem a bit expensive especially since so few of the formula can actually be processed by the add-ons.
In general, the language used is simple to follow and the summaries are concise, however you might spot a few grammatical mistakes due to the translation from German to English.
Without any activities for the learner to practice their understanding or challenges that indicate their progress, this app doesn’t offer a great deal more than what could be found by searching the Internet. There is very little more to this app than the bare bones of a textbook for each of the subjects and there are cheaper and more comprehensive apps out there as a favourable alternative.
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  • Formulas +, mathematics physics chemistry electronFormulas +, mathematics physics chemistry electronFormulas +, mathematics physics chemistry electronFormulas +, mathematics physics chemistry electronFormulas +, mathematics physics chemistry electron


Four formularies for mathematics, physics, chemistry and technics?

Have to buy all of them individually, load them and open them? NO, not anymore!
Formulas + combines all important formularies into one. That means you only need to buy one, load one – it is really easy. The app covers all subjects you have in your school life and is probably the most extensive formulary in the app-store.

You hate looking for formulas for a long time? Thanks to an integrated intelligent search function searching becomes child’s play and you will find your formulas quickly.

Made by students for students. We know what you have to struggle with in the natural scientific mathematical subjects and would like to give you a helping hand with this app. Who does not want a little helper which you can use quickly during the lessons at school or at home when you work at your desk? Even a great mathematician/physicist/chemist/technician is powerless without the right formulas. It does not matter whether you like these subjects or you have difficulties memorizing the combination of letters and arithmetic operators, this app is your best friend in any case.

In addition to the formulas you will find extensive, appropriate explanations and graphics, which offer clarity. Available tips for the formulas will help you and provide a good general knowledge.

Should you need a hint to find the correct way to calculate, the innovative calculation function with a detailed way to calculate and commentary can be used.

Should you have a suggestion for improvement or find a mistake, we will be happy to hear it. To make it as simple as possible for you, we have developed an additional procedure for that.
You will have to click on the top right on the "Suggestion send" Button, on the particular formula page.

We explicitly recommend, however, not to use this app and a smartphone during exams, tests, class tests or even final exams and we refuse liability for possible punishment and exclusion as well as failures due to improper and wrong usage of the contents.

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