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About Focus Factor

Focus Factor is a brain training app that contains specially developed exercises to train the brain and promote meditation. Focus Factor is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices.

Focus Factor has a seven-day free trial on iOS, which can be extended with a subscription.  Many of the app's features could be used by all children but the app's overall design and usage suits older children and adults best.

Focus Factor Review

What is Focus Factor

There are three main parts of Focus Factor. One of them contains more than 20 brain-training games that its developers have designed to improve critical thinking skills. Another provides activities to help the app's users with meditation, reducing stress and relaxation. Finally, there are short-form audiobooks that cover such topics as meditation, personal improvement, and inspiration. One of the most notable is an abridged version of Michelle Obama's Becoming. 

What we love about Focus Factor

When you first open Focus Factor: Brain Training app you will be asked what brings you to the app. Here, you can choose one or more options that indicate what your hopes are. These include improving mental skills such as focus, memory and confidence. Some options reflect the other side of the app, which is about mental health such as reducing stress or improving sleep. 

The three sections of the app are distinct in their purpose and usage, but each carries out its role well. The games are colourful and fun, and the audiobooks clear sounding and easy to access. The time put into the sections and the engagement with the activities is tracked by the app, letting users see how they have improved. 

What skills does it improve?

Focus Factor's developers have not made it to address any academic curricula directly. Instead, its activities build general mental skills that are fundamental to many aspects of learning and employing that learning. The brain training activities are categorised under different headings indicating the skills they address. These headings include, Focus Training, Memory Training, Problem Solving Training and Math Training. In addition, there is the meditation training provided by the app and the insights and information provided by the audiobooks.

What age is it appropriate for?

There is nothing unsuitable for children in the app's activities but the app feels better suited to older students than younger ones. The audiobooks, especially, are not created with young children in mind. 

Is Focus Factor easy to use?

Focus Factor follows a commonly used app structure which makes it exceptionally easy to navigate. New users will find it easy to explore the different sections and familiarise themselves with the app's functions and benefits. 

How will students benefit?

Students who might benefit from the app's activities can easily build it into their daily lives. They can set reminders to complete their brain training or engage in meditation. Students are likely very familiar with using their devices for entertainment and academic improvement, but Focus Factor will introduce them to using their devices for holistic growth. 

Some students may respond to the exercises by sharpening their concentration or developing their memory. Others might find the app's meditation guidance a practical way to relieve the stress students can face.   

How will teachers benefit?

Due to how the app works, it is quite difficult for teachers to employ this app in the classroom. Any student who uses the app will contribute to the app's performance monitoring, which renders the feature meaningless for any individual. Teachers could, however, let children carry out different exercises as rewards or as a means to calm students who have become agitated. Multiple students at a time could follow the meditation exercises. 

How will parents benefit?

Parents can check the value they are getting from a Focus Factor subscription. The performance section of the app shows the user's activity across its different features. Parents can view these stats by looking directly in the app or, if students don't want to relinquish their devices, parents can ask their children to use one of the sharing features to send the details to them. 

What can Focus Factor improve on?

iPhones are the target devices for Focus Factor, although it can be used on iPads. You can choose whether to keep the app at phone-size or stretch it to the full screen of the iPad. This compromise works well enough, but, ideally, the app would adapt to larger screens. For school use and for many children, iPads are the preferred platform, so tuning the app specifically for these devices would significantly improve the app. 

As a whole, the app is not aimed at young children, but some of its activities could be useful to them. Unfortunately, if a parent subscribes to this app for themselves, they cannot let their child carry out some of these activities without distorting the data tracked by the app. A feature where subscribers could let children enjoy chosen activities independently of the app's performance monitoring would be really useful and make it an app that fits more easily into whole-family and classroom usage. 

How much does Focus Factor cost?

There are three subscription plans available for Focus Factor that combine with the free-to-download app to unlock all of the content.

The best value, but with the highest up-front cost is the lifetime subscription.  

The lifetime subscription is a single payment that will give you access to the app and all of its content in perpetuity. At the time of review, this option is five times the cost of a yearly subscription which means those who intend to use the app for the long term will be better off in the sixth year of use. The monthly subscription is surpassed in value by the yearly subscription in just three months.   

For most people, the best value and most flexible option is likely to be the yearly subscription. 

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

You can download the Focus Factor app for free and use a full and unrestricted version for a seven-day trial. As ever, when assessing a subscription app, you should set a reminder to make your decision more than 24 hours before the trial ends. Then you will be in control of whether to convert to a paid subscription and, if so, to choose the plan that best suits you. 

Is Focus Factor safe to use?

The app does not contain third-party advertisements, but it does have a Store section. In this store, Focus Factor Brain Nutrition tablets are available. Adults buying this app for children to use should do their own research on these. They should also consider the message it might convey by selling brain improvement tablets to children. The app includes the disclaimer that the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the tablets' claims. The FDA is the regulatory body of their home market, the USA. 

There are some links where app users can share their performance in Focus Factor via Instagram, messages and other means. 

Overall rating of the app

The value each person perceives in brain training and meditation apps is a result of the extent to which that person believes in the benefits of these processes. It is not the purpose of this review of Focus Factor app to push readers one way or the other in this regard. Further information on this subject is available online.

Suppose you feel that your child can benefit from brain training to sharpen their mental acuity or meditation to help with stress. In that case, Focus Factor is a high-quality app that you should investigate. With its seven-day free trial, there is no risk involved, and you might be surprised at its results.

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