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Focus Booster allows you to manage your schedule by dividing it into chunks. It is developed for professionals who want to store a time record for billing customers. This app has emerged as the very supportive tool for students and teachers- who want to monitor their homework, research, study. Its dashboard reminds you for a break and keeps time record to boost your productivity. 

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Developer Description

Achieve more in one day than you do in a week with the most simple pomodoro app available.

focus booster is ideal for freelancers, students and driven individuals, anyone with big goals and finite time, trying to limit distractions and achieve more.

Get started in seconds, discover laser focus with the pomodoro technique, take control of distractions, stay fresh with regular breaks and finish your day satisfied with your progress.

Please be aware you will need to create an account after you download the app. This is because we save your sessions as timesheets so you can run reports on your progress in the web app!


"It's completely changed my life and the way I work. It's everything I need, quick, easy, pleasing to the eye." - Brittney Clouse, freelance writer

"Looking for something that is well designed and easy to use, give focus booster a try" - Zapier

"A lot of function in a small package. A great tool to help you stay focused while you're working, and it doesn't bog you down." - CNET


Everyone can be more productive, they just need help to cut through the noise with focus booster;
- Pomodoro timer with customizable session and breath lengths
- Notifications to start sessions and take breaks
- Add a client and label to remind you of your task
- Preference settings for alarms
- Dark or light theme


**Get focused**
Simplicity is at our core, all you need to do is focus. We take care of
the rest.

- Getting started is as simple as downloading and signing up, you will be ready to go in less than a minute.
- The app is designed to be as minimalistic but functional as possible, so you can focus on doing the important things.

**Discover productivity**
Get back to finishing your days with a sense of accomplishment;

- By focusing in short bursts with no distractions, you will whip though your to-do list
- Breaks will keep you super fresh and alert, so you eliminate burnout
- Improve the quality and quantity of your work

**The pomodoro technique**
Using a pomodoro timer will recalibrate your productivity. The best part is, the technique is simple, here is how to get started;

1. Choose a task to work on
2. Start a pomodoro session (25 minutes is the recommended length)
3. Work through the session, avoiding all distractions (it helps to turn off things that are likely to distract you, emails, other apps, or just hit airplane mode)
4. Take a 5-minute break; refresh, move, get caffeine
5. Do this three more times and you have completed your first pomodoro (name for a group of 4 sessions), well done!

**Make it yours**
While remaining very simple, we give you the ability to choose the way you work;

- Set the session and break lengths, audio and alarm to your preference
- Choose from a dark and light theme to suit your mood

**Use it everywhere**
Whether you are on your laptop, someone else's computer or on the go, we have an app for you;

- Web app: the heart of focus booster, go there to see all your timesheets and reports, export CSVs for reports or add a manual session
- Desktop app: Windows and Mac versions of the iPhone app, if you forget your mobile and are in need of a focus boost (wink)


focus booster has a 30-day unlimited free trial after which, if you don't sign-up, you will be placed on our starter plan.

Starter plan: free, 20 sessions per month
Individual plan: per month, 200 sessions per month, no clients or revenue
Professional plan: per month, unlimited sessions, clients and revenue


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