Fluvsies - A Fluff to Luv

Rating Fluvsies - A Fluff to Luv - 4 out of 5 - Good Rating 4.0

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About Fluvsies - A Fluff to Luv

Fluvsies is a virtual-pet game full of colourful characters which take cuteness to the next level. Kids hatch, care for, dress up, and play with the app's cute and playful Fluvsies.

You can download the app for free on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices. The free app contains advertisements, and some content is restricted. A subscription unlocks all of the game content and removes the ads.

We have looked at the app in its free format, but most of this review considers the app when played via the Tutoclub subscription.

Fluvsies - A Fluff to Luv Review

What is Fluvsies app?

Fluvsies is all about the title characters. Kids hatch new and unique Fluvsies from the magical machine. Each new Fluvsie takes a different form, and there are many for kids to collect.

The Fluvsies demand attention as players feed and care for them. They also like to be entertained with treats and activities with their child owners. Kids can dress the Fluvsies in a wide selection of clothes and choose their face paint, play minigames with their pets, and even do some DIY.

The app regularly introduces new items, games, and activities as kids carry out tasks with their Fluvsies.

What we love about Fluvsies app.

It would be difficult not to feel a fondness for the Fluvsies. The creatures' cute design ticks all boxes for what makes a character appealing. When multiple Fluvsies have hatched and begin to demand the player's attention, the screen becomes a riot of colour and activity.

Each child will play this app differently as it allows different gameplay to emerge. Some will love exploring and seeing how the Fluvsies interact with different toys; others will enjoy collecting more Fluvsies. Most kids will have an internal narrative as they play with the on-screen creatures allocating invented personalities and preferences to their favourites.

What skills does it teach?

Fluvsies sits closer to entertainment than education. As a virtual pet app, it could help young kids develop empathy and think about responsibility.

What age is it appropriate for?

The app is playable by all kids from 4 and above. Your kid's interest will determine the upper age. Is Fluvsies app easy to use? Kids will not find it difficult to use this app. Everything works as players expect, effectively highlighting features, games, objects, and options to encourage players to make the most of the app.

How will students benefit?

This app will particularly appeal to kids who like to experiment and play in a pressure-free environment. Exploring, collecting and interacting with the Fluvsies has few rules; kids can build a narrative and exercise their imaginations.

How will parents benefit?

While Fluvsies is not primarily educational, it still has value to parents as an alternative to over-stimulating or violence-themed games. With its virtual-pet interactions, it might also get some kids to pause their requests for a real pet! While this app is subscription-based, it earns ongoing commitment with constant new additions and content. If your child loves playing with Fluvises, it could work out cheaper than regularly buying new games to entertain them.

How will teachers benefit?

Fluvsies may form a safe, violence-free entertainment activity for break times or recess, but it is not likely to be an app purchased for school use.

What can Fluvsies app improve on?

Fluvsies is open about the free version of the app containing ads, but we recommend you consider this ad-supported version a trial. The ads are unavoidable and triggered so frequently within some sections that upgrading to a subscription or paying to remove the ads is essential. The restricted content has a strong presence from the outset and will only compound kids' desire to expand the app. We'd like the free version to thin out the ads and restricted content a little at the start of the app experience to give kids a better chance to see how much they like the app before their parents decide whether to pay or take up the free trial offer. How much does Fluvsies app cost? Fluvsies is a free app which is playable but contains advertisements. You can unlock the app and remove the advertisements with a subscription. There are also options to unlock specific content and remove the ads with one-off in-app purchases.

A Tutoclub trial subscription fully unlocks the app for three days and gives a much better play experience. If the trial lapses and you have not continued the subscription, the app returns to the restricted, ad-supported version. Is Fluvsies app safe to use? Fluvsies displays ads from third-party networks, but its privacy policy states that a dedicated team ensures the advertisements are safe and suitable for kids. It also assures the reader that the advertisements do not collect data and the app complies with GDPR and COPPA regulations. Each advertisement network used by Fluvsies has its privacy policy linked to within the app's own policy. The app also displays first-party advertisements, which, when clicked, take the user to the app's download page on the device's app store. You can remove the advertisements with an in-app purchase or subscription.

Overall rating of the app.

We've reviewed Fluvsies among our educational apps because it is violence-free, promotes caring, and has the potential for kids to choose how they want to play. Kids need some rest and entertainment where learning is not the prime motivator, and Fluvsies fits the bill well. Fluvsies is a well-made app that many kids will love. We've awarded it four stars because of its limited educational value, but if that is not why you want the app, we highly recommend you try it.

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