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About Flow Free

Flow Free is a popular puzzle game that everyone loves where one has to connect the matching colored dots without allowing the colored lines to overlap. It is a logic game that kids can play safely. Flow Free is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices.

Flow Free Review

Flow Free app is designed to be played like a puzzle, as time goes on it increases in difficulty, causing your child to think more critically about their next movie. The premise of the game is to solve the puzzles, and you have to use spatial reasoning in order to make sure your move helps you win. 

Flow Free game has over 1,000 free levels you can play on and solve to the best of your ability. It is important to have games that challenge your child mentally otherwise the value of playing apps on their iPhone becomes more of a waste of time. Instead of a way to challenge them. 

The player begins with a 5x5 grid which contains five pairs of coloured dots. The player must connect the two dots of the same colour together by swiping their finger to create joining lines. The catch is that the coloured lines cannot cross. The more moves it takes to complete the grid the fewer points the player will receive. If the player connects all the dots in the least amount of moves possible they get a perfect score.

The aspect that makes ‘Flow Free: Bridges’ different from the original ‘Flow Free’ is that each grid also includes a bridge which allows two lines to cross each other.

The player completes the level when all the dots are connected. The levels progress in difficulty by gradually increasing the size of the grid and the number of dots that must be connected. To make the game more challenging, the player has the option to play a timed version. The player chooses the length of time (between 30 seconds to 4 minutes) and then the game tests how many levels you can complete in the allotted time.

The app comes with eight packs, each with about 120 levels. If you choose, you can buy more levels from the store (see below in App purchasing for more detail). There is also an option to use labels, such as A B and C instead of colours, which would be beneficial for colour blind players.

Because the player must plan the best pathway to connect the dots in the least amount of moves, this game is beneficial for developing skills such as problem solving and planning.

Flow Free is a puzzle game that has very simple mechanics but presents a fun, appealing challenge that will keep you hooked for hours.

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Android, iPad, iPhone





Critical Thinking
Creative Development


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Big Duck Games LLC

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You can download Flow Free on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Flow Free app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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