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FlixREMIX is a useful teaching aid when using commercially available films where the teacher/trainer can annotate over the film with a commentary, set up multi-choice questions in context and offer links out to the internet to clarify or explain points of interest. This is only the working part of the app and the developer has set up a searchable platform, along the lines of YouTube, therefore as the website grows and more teachers put more teaching packages on the more useful and sophisticated the tool will become.

Teacher Review

FlixREMIX is a handy tool to have for a teacher where they need to view a film for educational purposes and check that their students understand concepts through the multi-choice questioning facility, explore further concepts that have been introduced in the film by linking out to a chosen web site and adding supplementary commentary to the film by adding a script which is then displayed and also spoken by one of a selection of talking avatars.
At the time of review, the platform contained 300 video packages (these are not the films but the packages that relate to the films, the user will have to pay for the film!). The program allows the user to search by ‘Subject’, ‘Runtime’ and ‘Age’. Obviously as the app is launched, more packages will be created by teachers and the developer enabling a much richer diversity of choices, although the choices so far will give you an idea of the potential of using movies for educational purposes.
Technically the app worked effectively, the user needs to set the movie up on their television, smartboard or tablet and run the application from another device, a mobile or tablet. The program picks up the sound of the movie to synchronize the prepared commentary with the film. The slider at the bottom of the screen enables the teacher to skim backwards and forwards through the film to react to student questions. The slider will then sync back to the film again.
To set up a teaching moment, you have to register on the FlixAcademy website and download a spreadsheet template and fill out your suggestions for commentary, quizzes and links. This is then processed and the teachable moments lesson plan will become available for you to use on the app.
The concept of the app is really clever and will depend on the usability of the system. The application as it stands is obviously in the early stage and a few refinements need to be looked at in terms of user interface. For example, the lack of a prompt for the app which could automatically calculate the point at which you want to create the teachable moment, the rather primitive way in which the teacher submits the lesson plan by a spreadsheet template, which is cumbersome and could be prone to typo errors when transferring to the lesson plan; together with the basic nature of the quiz, the answers for which should really be stored on a data cloud for the teacher to check for understanding. These refinements in place will assist teacher/parent and ensure a rapid growth of the teachable moments database.
The application will be a very useful addition to a busy teacher’s toolkit and with the opportunity of the teacher creating their own lesson plans for a fee will ensure that the model will become popular with teachers, depending on the size of fee! The concept of making the app a social platform where films could be peer reviewed would also add to popularity and save time for a busy teacher looking for something tried and tested.
This is an application to watch out for.
I enjoyed watching ‘The Force Awakens’ and as the commentary suggests, there will be more to come!
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FlixREMIX® turns Movie Moments into Teachable Moments! Watch a movie on a big screen (iPad, TV, projector, even movie theater!) Run FlixREMIX on a Second Screen and FlixREMIX syncs with the movie to show & speak Expert Commentary with Interactive Quizzes! Don't just watch a movie... Watch. And Learn! with FlixREMIX!

FlixREMIX is great for teachers (especially substitutes and home schoolers), parents (who want to give their kids an advantage) and for students! Turn a Hollywood movie into a truly educational experience. Students want to be entertained, but now they can learn at the same time, using the technology and tools they prefer. Don't use TV as an electronic babysitter... with FlixREMIX, movies become interactive, educational and engaging!

Several FlixREMIX lessons use SCENE SYNC, enabling the app to stay in sync with the movie, by detecting the audio. It's like magic!

FlixREMIX movie-based lessons are available for a wide variety of topics, such as The Science of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Social Study Lessons from Independence Day, Real World Math in This is Spinal Tap and more!

Plus you can create your own FlixREMIX lesson plans quickly, easily, and for FREE, at We welcome your suggestions, for movies and app features, at

FlixREMIX is a Registered Trademark of FlixAcademy, Inc. Patent Pending. We make FAIR USE of official cover art, through our Affiliate status with our partner, Offline Audio Recognition by ACRCloud.

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