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About Flisass

Flisass provides kids with short, innocent stories to read on Android devices.  Kids aged six and above will be able to attempt to read the stories, although this will vary from child to child.  The app is free to download but contains advertisements.

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Flisass Review

What is Flisass app?

Flisass is a collection of bespoke stories written for young children to enjoy as they develop their literacy skills. A simple picture, naive in style but related to the tale, accompanies each story and forms its icon on the main page. 

What we love about Flisass.

The stories themselves are gentle and innocent tales that children can start and finish in a short time. They are not action-packed, but neither do they depict violence or any unpleasant events. 

The app containing Flisass is simple to navigate, and kids can get into reading a story very quickly after picking up their device. 

Flisass is a very undemanding app, which allows it to work on quite old devices. If you have Android tablets that are of limited use in other ways, you may find that you can get this app to make use of them. 

What skills does it improve?

Flisass provides stories to read to help kids develop their literacy skills. While the app does not check comprehension with quizzes, careful questioning by adults will help focus kids' on the events of the stories and help them extract meaning from the text. 

What age is it appropriate for?

As with any reading app, each child's literacy level will determine if this app is suitable for them. Typically with Flisass, this will be kids aged seven and above. 

Is Flisass easy to use?

It is straightforward to find and choose books in the app. Each story is visible from the main screen, and a single tap opens them. The app presents the text as a single page of vertically scrollable text. 

The typeface is clear and readable. 

How will students benefit?

Kids like variety, and every app that gets them reading is a welcome addition to their devices. Reluctant readers like to see in advance how much reading lies ahead of them, and Flisass's page format shows this well. 

How will teachers benefit?

Flisass can sit on teachers' personal devices or classroom devices, ready for when they need a quick reading text. With a bit of extra work, teachers will be able to provide a simple set of comprehension questions. 

How will parents benefit?

Having a collection of stories that are quick to access and short in length will help parents to fit shared-reading time into busy days. As the app is free, parents can try it without risk and even if they do like it, it will still cost them nothing! 

What can Flisass improve on?

There are a few minor errors in the text but not enough to confuse the reader or harm their experience.  While the simplicity of the stories and wholesome nature is a positive, the endings can feel a little forced to fit in with the writer's intended moral of the story. 

A choice of typefaces and the ability to change the text's size would be a useful addition to the app's options. 

How much does Flisass cost?

Flisass is free to download, and there are no options to expand it through in-app purchases. 

Is Flisass safe to use?

Flisass does not ask for or require any permissions to use it, and users do not have to enter any details. There are no links to third parties or social media services. 

At the time of this review of Flisass, the Play Store showed that the app contained advertisements, but none appeared during the review period. Presumably, if they do occur, they will be third-party network advertisements. 

Overall rating of the app.

Flisass is a free app which counts for a lot as it gives kids some easy-to-access reading material.  For some people, the stories might feel overly simple or a bit forced but they are a good length for early readers to use for practice.  We've decided to give the app four stars and encourage you to try the app for yourself; there is no risk attached to the purchase, and you can quickly read the tales to see if you think your child will appreciate them.

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Download Flisass

You can download Flisass on your Android devices from the Google Play Store.

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