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  • Android, iPad, iPhone
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  • age 7+

About FlipaClip - Cartoon Animation

FlipaClip is one of the best animation apps available today. It replicates and improves upon traditional flipbook-style animation. Combining simple yet interesting drawing tools with frame control, it enables the production of impressive animations. FlipaClip is available for free to download for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android devices at the App Store and Play Store. 

Teacher Review

Animation as an end product is something that all children recognise but don't necessarily understand the artistry behind it.  It is difficult and time-consuming to produce with non-digital resources.  With the power of your tablet (iPad or Andriod) and this app, it becomes a whole lot easier.

What we love about Flipaclip animation app

If you're looking to download one of the best application apps you should really consider Flipaclip. One of the best animation apps for kids, Flipaclip can benefit classroom learning in two broad areas, art lessons covering animation and other subject lessons using a creative means by which to show and record knowledge. 

Taking the art lessons first, this is a useful tool for studying more traditional forms of animation.  It is more forgiving of errors than a tradition ink and paper flip book and provides the same historical perspective of the earliest animation.  

Is the Flipaclip app easy to use?

Flipaclip is a simple animation app.  It covers an area where children are not likely to have many transferable skills.  Understanding how to use the onion skinning tools, layers, and so on will need a bit of support and explanation.  Nevertheless, this animation app is laid out logically and its features easy to access.  Its drawing and painting tools are especially nice and make it easy to create images that resemble those made using traditional pencils and brushes.  Straight line, square and circle tools are welcome for providing extra precision.

This app for animation is at its best if a stylus can be used with it. Testing with the Apple Pencil enabled a pleasant workflow.  Drawing was smooth and easy.  Without the stylus, the app is as good as can be expected with the imprecise and unnatural drawing tool of a fingertip.  Animations can be saved and tweaked over subsequent lessons and exported into different formats.

What Flipaclip could improve on

Its main limitation from a classroom point of view is that it does not support multiple user accounts.  Each child's work is at risk from subsequent users of the app.  Teachers will have to find a way to work around or mitigate this problem.

Even with this limitation, in a series of art lessons, this would be a great tool to use.

How can teachers benefit from this Flipaclip?

So, how about creative teachers in other areas that might want to use animation to provide extra interest to their lessons?  Animations of the movement of people in geography, key events in history, reactions in science: are these a possible use? Yes, they are but with some careful consideration first.  FlipaClip is designed to be an animator app for creating animations and it shouldn't be criticised for not easily meeting the needs of non-art based lessons.  

As mentioned earlier, this isn't an easy animation app where you can expect a child to learn and use it in just a few minutes.  It also depends entirely on the artistic ability of the user.  The first problem can be overcome if a teacher wishes to make the app into a frequently used tool or if the school covers its use in art lessons. The second is more difficult.  

Children not so artistically able may struggle.  A blank sheet of (virtual) paper is inspiring for some people but intimidating for others. Perhaps if the app had a few more predefined shapes and figures that the user could build on, it could be more useful in these lessons and, indeed, help beginners in general.

The second part of this review has taken FlipaClip somewhat out of context as it was not designed for such a use and therefore not being completely suitable should not be seen as a criticism.  Of the broad variety of teachers who might be looking to cover animation in their lessons, art teachers and those who can dedicate significant time to it,  should certainly consider FlipaClip.  Others might want to think about simpler apps.  

Our overall thoughts on Flipaclip

Fortunately, you can easily decide as this app for animation is available to download for free with a few features disabled and advertisements showing.  In-app purchases enable the features individually or as a whole depending on your choice and what you pay.  This animation app for kids is also supported by a comprehensive website and social media presence where you can learn more about this animation app, how to use it, gain inspiration and make feature requests. FlipaClip might be the artistic spark that ignites your students' interest in animation.

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Screenshots for FlipaClip - Cartoon Animation

  • FlipaClip - Cartoon AnimationFlipaClip - Cartoon AnimationFlipaClip - Cartoon AnimationFlipaClip - Cartoon AnimationFlipaClip - Cartoon AnimationFlipaClip - Cartoon AnimationFlipaClip - Cartoon AnimationFlipaClip - Cartoon Animation

Publisher's Description

FlipaClip makes you relive your childhood and express your creativeness or professional skills in a much cooler way!

Draw your cartoon using frame-by-frame animation. It works just like the old school flipbook but with a modern twist! Whether you are sketching, storyboarding, animating, or simply playing around FlipaClip offers intuitive tools and is the perfect platform for your creative ideas.

Bring your dreams to life though animation! FlipaClip's powerful and fun tools make frame-by-frame animation easy. 
FlipaClip's responsive interface provides the best drawing and animating experience. Its simple intuitive controls are easy to get started but powerful enough for your creative ideas. Challenge your animation skills and participate in our contests! You could win exciting prizes just by having fun!
Features of Flipaclip Animation App
Drawing Tools
  • Draw with practical tools like Brushes, Lasso, Fill, Eraser, Ruler shapes, and insert Text with multiple font options all for free!
  • Custom canvas sizes up to 1920x1920 are available.
  • Apple Pencil is supported.
  • Use up to 3 layers for free.
  • Go pro and add up to 10 layers. Yes, we’ve listened to you and added more layers but please note app may experience performance issues after adding more than 6 layers.
Animation Tools
Animating frame-by-frame is super easy thanks to the intuitive animation timeline and practical tools such as Onion skin, Frames viewer, Grids.
Add Audio to the animation
  • Easily add and edit audio clips using up to six audio tracks for free including voice recording!
  • For a low cost add your own audio files.
  • Get creative with our popular curated sound fx audio packages.
Insert Images and Videos
  • Animate images you import or draw on top of your videos giving it that rotoscoping flavor.
  • Drag and drop images on your canvas. (Only on iPad iOS 11 and higher)
Make movie and Share movie
  • Choose MP4 or GIF for your final animation.
  • PNG sequences with transparency is supported.
  • Share your animation anywhere like: TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr.
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