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This app allows users to view interactive videos with embedded pictures, text, web-links, etc., created with Flinker desktop software.  A simple idea that allows users to personalise videos making them suitable for a range of audiences.

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Flinker enables users to create interactive videos by overlaying additional information on to existing videos.  This can be in the form of text, web-links, pictures or videos that can be programmed to appear as pop up buttons at specific times during the video.  When a button is pressed, the clips are paused, allowing the user to view the additional content and return to the original video once finished.  This simple idea allows videos to be personalised and tailored to specific users.  In a classroom environment, teachers could easily personalise videos and add bespoke content to supporting struggling students or to extend the learning of gifted children.

It should be noted that the app is a viewer only.  To create content, users are required to purchase, download and register Flinker software to their desktop computer, before beginning to produce content, which can be downloaded from the website.  This desktop software is easy to interact with and will have users editing videos in no time.  Once users have created their first video, subsequent ones will become easier and quicker.  Completed files are saved as a .flinker file and can then be transferred back to the iPad, via iTunes or online storage, and played through the Flinker app.  It should be noted that this process in itself can also be quite complicated, requiring the user to first saves to a specific place then enter a URL or log into iTunes to transfer the file.  However, the ability to create content is extensive and can be tailored to almost any situation, in or out of the classroom.  The concept allows both teachers and children alike to bring videos to life, add additional information and scaffold videos so they can be suitable for all levels of learning.  At present there are some limitations, such as content can only be viewed on an iPad, however to extend the scope of this app the developer has numerous options such as allowing users to create videos directly from the iPad or making content portable and viewable online without bespoke software.  All of these would appeal to a mainstream audience making the product more appealing.

Overall, a 3 star app, great for creating engaging videos for almost any situation, however usability could be improved.

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FlinkerAPP is turning every video on your IPad into an information center.
FlinkerApp is a player software for videos with additional text, photografic, video or internet content.
In the App there is a video tutorial on how to use Flinker.
Have fun...

Sometimes you want to...
do more with your films than you can?
use films to communicate your projects?
get into discurse with others while watching a film?
infuse an extra depth of thought and information to your film?
offer a film based training with precisely placed Q&A?
In short: you want a more intense film experience.
You'll have it in the FlinkerApp.

You are e.g....
fan / film pro / amateur / salesperson / pupil / teacher / real estate agent /
student / professor / producer / editor / employee / film critic / journalist etc.

...and you have made a video on a project/object or the video IS the project? In FlinkerApp this video can be enhanced by any content you can imagine

Some examples:
A real estate agent might add information on each room and the floor plan as a jpeg/gif and all contact data. Then he would simply ask his customers to download FlinkerApp their IPad... A brochure couldn't be more convenient and impressive.
A teacher/professor who enjoys the use of video in tuition or who like making use of the camera himself for documenting experiments or excursions? Why not stick your extra material right onto the film. It will always appear in the right moment! Or you turn your film into a Q&A game. Or you invent your own kind of film based tutorial? And you'll decide, whether the tutorial will be presented on a screen or a projector. Or whether your students will watch it in FlinkerApp on yhe IPad.

In the App there is a video tutorial on how to use Flinker.
Have fun!

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