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About FlashGeek

FlashGeek is a flashcard app that comes with some built-in decks and lets users create their own and share those made by other app users.  As the content can be at whatever level the creator of each deck chooses, it is suitable for people of all ages.

FlashGeek is available on Android and iOS devices for a low-priced single purchase that does not contain in-app purchase options or advertisements.

FlashGeek Review

What is FlashGeek app?

Making revision decks out of paper-based index cards is a tried-and-tested learning strategy. Each card has a definition and term or question and answer that helps students remember and learn important information. 

Every subject, topic and skill can benefit from the revising and securing of knowledge in the way facilitated by using flashcards. FlashGeek uses a similar method but makes it more convenient to use, easier to administer, and more flexible - all for a price that is probably lower than that of a pack of index cards. 

What we love about FlashGeek

FlashGeek is a no-frills app but in a good way. It has features that students need to create and view decks, but its developer has not bogged it down with features that are likely to be little used.   

The app's simplicity makes it easy to open up and use it at any convenient moment, just as physical flashcards are usually employed. 

What skills does it improve?

While FlashGeek app comes with quite a few decks preprepared, covering topics such as medicine, languages, geography and science, the app can be extended to help with any subject. 

What age is it appropriate for?

At the time of review, the app did not contain any content unsuitable for children. As other users can make their flashcard decks publicly available, it is possible that some may have words or definitions that are not suitable for all ages. 

Is FlashGeek easy to use?

Students will very quickly learn how to access and use the decks in the app. Younger students or those who have not used a flashcard-style learning aid before might benefit from teachers modelling how to use the app's content and explaining the benefits of the method. 

Creating decks is hardly any more difficult than browsing them. The two parts of each card are entered using the on-screen keyboard and decks can be categorised for easy finding. Searching decks is made easy by the app's built-in search tools and the facility to mark decks as favourites. 

How will students benefit?

Any student who has dropped their flashcards on the bus floor or has struggled with carrying multiple decks will appreciate the convenience and ease of having this app. Children using this app can fit their learning around other activities, and so maximise their free time. 

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can create decks tailored to the subjects that their students are studying or save time by looking at those provided by the app's developers and community. By embedding effective learning strategies into their student's education, teachers will be giving them the tools to learn and progress throughout life. 

How will parents benefit?

Educational apps can get expensive. FlashGeek is useful across multiple topics, age ranges, and purposes. A child using this app at school for maths might still be using it when revising for college or university tests. This flexibility of use could make it one of the best value apps you buy. 

What FlashGeek can improve on?

A healthy number of topics served with prebuilt decks are included, but a few more aimed at school-age children would be really useful. Maths and science glossaries aimed at school ages would be helpful to many teachers and students. 

A more granular set of permissions would reduce the risk present in any app that allows publicly created content. If the app could restrict accounts to allowing only official FlashGeek decks or those made by trusted individuals, that would make it much more child-friendly and suitable for school use. 

How much does FlashGeek cost?

The developer of FlashGeek has set its cost at the lowest tier of each region. This price makes it excellent value, and the app has no ongoing costs associated with its use. 

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

There is no trial version of this app. 

Is FlashGeek safe to use?

Users need to sign in to the app to create decks, but the app does not have any messaging or social media functionality. Decks made by the app's community may cover topics you consider unsuitable for children. The cards can contain only words and emoticons, so there is no risk of inappropriate images. 

There are no advertisements in the app and no in-app purchases either. 

Overall rating of the app

FlashGeek is not the only flashcard app available on mobile devices, but it is a good one. It focuses on the most useful features of this type of app and remains easy to use and relevant to real-world use. Whether it is for revision or consolidation of new concepts, FlashGeek is a solid choice and good value. It might not be as flashy as other 5-star apps, but by meeting its aims so well it earns its 5 stars.

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Android, iPad, iPhone


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