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From the Developer

This app extends the capacity of cards for the free "Flashcards ToGo" application to an unlimited number of cards.
★★★ Note: Does not install as a separate application, just extends the card capacity of the free Flashcards ToGo application (without "Flashcards ToGo" installed, buying this app does not make sense) ★★★
Description of the Flashcards ToGo functionality:
Makes learning with flashcards (e.g. vocabulary) fun and effective, combining the advantages of flashcard learning with the possibilities of your android device:
- uses spaced repetition learning for reviewing cards in optimal intervals
- reminds you of cards due for review
- lets you use pictures as flash cards
- lets you read out cards using the text-to-speech engine
- integrates Google translate to assist you in translating cards
- allows importing cards from Quizlet, StudyStack and FlashcardExchange, giving you access to millions of ready-made stacks for virtually every language or subject (e.g. GRE, SAT, TOEFL, countries & capitals, biology, medicine, ...)
- allows export to/import from Google docs (e.g. conveniently create new cards on your PC and import them to your phone)
- allows to backup/restore your complete data using Google drive (e.g. backup on phone and restore on tablet)
- allows export to/import from csv file
- visually appealing look and feel with optional animations for your flashcard learning session
- allows sorting and searching (fuzzy search) of cards on your phone


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