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About Flashcard Machine

Flashcard Machine is an excellent online study tool that enables users to create, study and/or share interactive web-based flash cards that can be created for a multitude of purposes. If you're looking for a totally free way to use web-based flashcards, you might want to take a look at Flashcard Machine. With Flashcard Machine, you start with a free account and the basics of your flashcard deck. Then jump into the editor where you can insert text, images, equations, and other items. You can also align the text, include lists, and adjust the font. 

After you make your flashcards, you can start a general study session by moving through the cards or playing a game. You can also print, export, and review your deck. Flashcard Machine can also be downloaded on both Android and iOS, so you can study wherever you go.

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Flashcard Machine Review

About Flashcard Machine

Flashcard Machine is a simple web-based program that allows users to create flashcards and study them quickly and easily.

How to Use Flashcard Machine

Begin using Flashcard Machine by visiting the website through the link above. Once there, find the blue “registering here” hyperlink and click it. Enter the necessary information, and click “Register.” Visit the email address you provided, find the email from Flashcard Machine, and click the link within the body of the message.You will now be directed to a page that reads “You have successfully completed registration with Flashcard Machine.” Click the “Get Started Creating Flashcards” hyperlink. Again, you will be redirected: this time to a page the requests that you sign in, do it. Now you will be on your Flashcard Machine homepage, click the “Create a New Flashcard Set” tab. Fill in the “General Set Details” section and click the “Save Set Details” button and click the “Quick Editor” button near the top of the page. Fill in the “Term” and “Definition” sections, and then click “+Add Another” to add an additional card to your set.When you complete your set, click “Save & Exit,” then click “Start Study Session” to begin studying your cards. Configure your study session, then click “Start Session.”

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Flashcard Machine

Download Flashcard Machine

You can download Flashcard Machine on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Flashcard Machine app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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