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  • Flash Card LLAdyBBugFlash Card LLAdyBBugFlash Card LLAdyBBugFlash Card LLAdyBBugFlash Card LLAdyBBug


* Discription *

English is recorded, as for other language user need to record it.

LLadyBBug Flashcard is developed to help 1-2 year old kids to understand things and 3-5 year old kids to learn words.
Parent can experience just like he uses real Flashcard/ Wordcard.

30% of Profit will be donated to organization that supports the improvement of educational/ living environment of the poor countries.

App launching presentation includes instruction will be available on YouTube. Please, find it with key word “LLadyBBug”, “BBugss”, “ Flashcard”, “Wordcard”, or “Babycard”.

* Features *
-. 350 cards are provided.
-. Picture Card can be added from Camera Roll/ Album, Camera, or from Internet.
-. Category can be created or edited. (Edit category in your own language)
-. Kid’s or parent’s voice can be used.
-. User can set [Picture Only], [Picture with Word], [Picture First and Word], or [Word First and Picture] according to kid’s age or understanding level.
-. User can set Card to show up with voice or without voice.
-. User can set Password to prevent kid from editing card by mistake. (This case, please remember the Password)
-. Foreign language Card is available.
-. App consists of [Card Play] and [Picture Quiz]/ [Word Quiz].
-. Card learned can be set as non-active (or active)
-. App is useful for 1-3 year old kids’ understanding things, 3-5 year old kids’ learning word, 5~12 year old kids’ learning foreign language.

* Remark *
-. The Pictures used in the App are collected from free-sharing web site. Notwithstanding, if any picture with license is found in the App regardless of our intention, please inform us so that will exclude it right away.
-. More pictures will be available on or soon.
-. Contact: If you find err or bug, or have any improvement idea, please contact

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