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Kids Academy developed this cute storybook app around the 5 Little Monkeys song - a super easy song that inspired a number of developers to create apps. What’s great about this one? The quality of the music and visuals is great, the fact that little learners (baby, toddlers and preschool children) are able to develop their language skills and learn new words and last but not least it is a fun app. So although the app is good value, priced at $1.99, we would have liked to have more features included and no 1st party advertising so for that reason we awarded it with a 3 star EAS Certification. We do have to say that we still haven’t figured out how to get the song out of our heads – it is so addictive!...’Five little monkeys jumping on the bed...’

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed for toddler Review

There are a lot of monkeys in the world jumping on their bed and this five we’re dealing with are not stopping any time soon. Kids love this super simple song and like all nursery rhymes this is one is used to engage and sustain children’s interest. This particular chant falls in a category where hand action or movement combined with singing would keep kids engaged. The app is most suitable when kids are at that age when they learn and communicate by imitating the activities of others and this type of activity will also help develop their listening skills and their attention.

As soon as we opened the app you can see this colourful jungle background and the three main menu tabs: ‘Play the song’, ‘More apps’ and ‘For Parents’.  Immediately after this we were surprised by a pop up with an advertisement for another app created by the Kids Academy. Even though these ads don’t appear while you’re playing the song we think there’s no need for them considering that all the other apps are discoverable in the menu under ‘More Apps’.

Under the ‘For Parents’ tab you can read more about the educational value of nursery rhymes and how you can use it to teach your child and get the most out of the app. Parents will be able to read a lot of useful information and will find that listening to nursery chants encourages kids language, cognitive and physical development.

We know that as soon as the kids will get their hands on the app, even before playing the song they will be tapping all over the screen to interact with the little monkeys and the parrot. Each will make a specific sound and will move on the screen, some of the monkeys are hiding some are hanging on the trees.

The app is very colourful and once you press plays a catchy tune will start playing. We all know the song:  it is a musical counting song (5,4,3,2,1) where five little monkeys jumping on a bed get, one by one, into trouble by bumping their head. After this they get to face their mum who’s calling the doctor for advice. The high-resolution graphics have vibrant colours and the original music composed specially for this app is really pleasing.

Because all the action happens in the jungle, the bed won’t be really recognizable to the little ones because the monkeys are jumping on a bed of leaves that does not have the characteristics of a real bed. The monkeys are really cute and you can see on their faces that are a bit naughty. The voice that sings the song and all the other voices really fit well with the app. For parents that don’t feel comfortable with singing this is a perfect app. Children will learn this popular nursery rhyme while interacting with the. You can tap on each monkey to hear it cheer, tap the banana bunch in the tree to make them fall on the bed or press on the lamp that releases fireflies.

We would have liked to see in the app the written text of the song so preschool kids could practice their reading. The animations that you can tap in the background could also offer a bit more information and help kids identify different colours, animals - this could increase their engagement. Adding names to the monkeys would also be a cool feature that will personalize their experience. If you don’t want to deviate from the song than the 5 Little Monkeys app will keep young children captivated.

The app, through the use of the song, will help and encourage parents and educators to talk about numbers and even counting backwards. Another activity idea would be to use your fingers to say the story (five little monkeys - hold up five fingers, bumped his head – tap your head). It can also be used to get the kids into bed and allow them just a bit of fun before they go to sleep.


About Kids Academy

Kids Academy is an early childhood education start-up specialized in development apps for major mobile markets: App Store, Google Play and Amazon. The rapidly growing company is bringing value through education for children aged 2 to 6 teaching kids numbers, upper- and lower- case letters, word-letter associations, phonics, and spelling, and brings them endless fun and excitement through play activities.  Founded in the end of 2011 with the first application released in July 2012, Kids Academy has six nice apps and recently reached 1 million downloads. The apps developed by Kids Academy received dozens of positive reviews and were top rated by Children’s Technology and Parent Reviews.

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