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Fishy Numbers

  • iPad, iPhone
  • Paid
  • age 5+

About Fishy Numbers

Fishy Numbers is a colourful application that is suitable for ages 6 and above and enables children to explore and practice maths in a fun and exciting way. This application features a number of differentiated levels and mathematical mini-games focusing on adding, subtraction, multiplication and division. This app is free from in-app purchases and in-app adverts.

Teacher Review

Upon opening the application, the user is greeted with a bright and colourful home screen displaying a score in the top right hand corner and 4 mini-game modes. The music here certainly enhances the user experience; however, the developers may consider an option to turn the music ‘on’ or ‘off’. The game is available in 12 languages: English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, Finnish which is an excellent feature.

The application offers 4 mini-game modes.

Level 1 - This mini-game mode features + and - questions.

Level 2 - This mini-game mode features +, - and • (Multiplication) questions.

Level 3 - This mini-game mode features  • (Multiplication) and : (division) questions.

Level 4 - This mini-game mode features  • (Multiplication), : (division), + and - questions.

Once a mini-game has been chosen there are a number of different question styles. We really love the quality of the animation, it’s simplicity and colour. The level and score can be seen in the top right. There is also a hint star fish in the bottom right to help the user understand the question. This is ideal for those users who may struggle at first.

Question style 1 - The user is given a question in the centre of the screen with surrounding answers to choose from. The user is given numerous attempts to get the answer correct. A correct answer will result in 3 points. Points vary depending on how many attempts the user has.

Question style 2 - The user is shown a completed question with a number missing such as ? - 4 = 0. A correct answer will result in 3 points. Points vary depending on how many attempts the user has. An incorrect answer will result in the answer being revealed.

Question style 3 - The user is shown 10 sets of numbers. There are five pairs to find that match the answer and question. 2 marks are awarded for a correct answer. The user is allowed as many attempts as they like to achieve the correct answers.

Question style 4 - The user is shown a question and an answer with three symbols (>) greater than, (<) less than and (=) equal to. Work out the answer to the question and insert whether it’s greater than, less than or equal to.

Question style 5 - The user is given a question with three possible answers in the shape of swimming fish. The user must answer the question before the fish swim off the screen. This is ideal for quick thinking problem solving.

At the end of the level the user is awarded with a medal gold, silver or bronze and a piece of a jigsaw. A new jigsaw piece is gained every time a level is completed. The developers may consider introducing a leader board here or a section that retains scores. This would be ideal for student/classroom progression and competition. As you would expect the levels get progressively harder it is noted that the scores in each level are not retained or display a previous a high score.

It’s clear that the developers have worked hard on the many different types of question styles which we found engaging and useful. However, we did find some inconsistencies in the amount of time given, the scoring system and how the answer is or isn’t revealed if the user does or does not get it right. The mini-games without doubt are addictive and the game certainly allows the user to progress and gain confidence in their mathematical ability as the levels increase.

The application Fishy numbers is a good application and with a few minor tweaks could be an excellent application. 

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Jarle Berntsen

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Even if practice makes perfect, it can also be boring. That’s where the math app FISHY NUMBERS comes in, making practicing the four basic arithmetic operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division - FUN.

Upon starting the app, you choose a level, ranging from 1 for basic addition and subtraction to 4 which includes multiplication and division. The game then throws different calculations at you, where you need to tap the fish with the right answer. By completing 15 stages split into 5 variations of tasks, you finally receive a medal based on your score. Got everything right? A gold medal is awarded.

Every time you complete a level, you unlock a piece of a puzzle. A gold medal will give you 2 pieces, while silver and bronze yields 1. You need several playthroughs to unlock the complete puzzle.

FISHY NUMBERS is based on randomness, and you will never play the same set of calculations twice, thus it can be played again and again, testing yourself, getting medals and unlocking puzzles. This way you’ll keep coming back, getting better at your math no matter which level you are on.

A joyful soundtrack and fun graphics brings this game alive and makes the game accessible for all kids learning math. FISHY NUMBERS works both on iPhone and iPad, and is easy to pick and play for just “one more go”.

Remember that the age group is 6-14 (or thereabout if you have a different grading system).

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