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About FirstCry PlayBees:Play & Learn

FirstCry PlayBees app is an early-learning educational app for preschoolers. It contains many different styles of activities that are a mix of fun and learning.

Available on both iOS and Android devices, FirstCry PlayBees is a free download that comes with many fully playable activities. A subscription unlocks the rest of the package to make a wealth of number games, letter games, stories and rhymes available to young learners.

FirstCry PlayBees:Play & Learn Review

What is FirstCry PlayBees app?

Young children love to experiment with different activities. The makers of FirstCry PlayBees have crammed it with enough mini-games, stories, and rhymes that you might not need any more apps for your preschool child to play. Kids can go from learning about letters and their sounds to simple arithmetic and

then to reading a favourite story with their parents all in the same app and all produced to the same high quality.

What we love about FirstCry PlayBees?

With its mix of education and entertainment, young children can move effortlessly between fun and learning or a blend of both. Its players will associate FirstCry PlayBees with having fun and be keen to play it again and again. The educational games are simple to play but contain exactly the right sort of things

that preschool children need to learn. The rhymes and stories extend children's language skills and sometimes refer back to what they have learned about numbers and letters.

The app presents its activities in a format that will appeal to young children. Colourful graphics, smooth animations, high-quality sound effects and useful spoken instructions make FirstCry PlayBees stimulating and engaging.

What skills does it improve?

FirstCry PlayBees has wonderfully varied content that is very suitable for young children. Counting and alphabet games help prepare children for classroom learning while stories on good habits emphasise the importance of considering others.

Musical rhymes and fairy stories entertain children and help them to develop an interest in reading. There are also songs linked to the alphabet and counting which complement the games covering these subjects.

What age is it appropriate for?

FirstCry PlayBees' developers have built the app with the needs of preschool children in mind. Its visual style, as well as the educational and entertainment content, are all ideally matched to this age group.

Is FirstCry PlayBees easy to use?

FirstCry PlayBees uses a straightforward user interface for children to move between activities. They can swipe through them from the main screen or tap an icon to go directly to a type of activity.

The main icons give a clear indication of what types of exercise they open. Musical notes, speech marks, and books in the bottom right of each icon indicate what the activity is while the main picture on the icon shows what topic is covered.

How will students benefit? 

FirstCry PlayBees doesn't forget that its players are right at the start of their education. It has a clear visual design and its icons communicate what sort of activity they lead. Spoken words explain the tasks and add depth to the learning by naming the different letters and numbers. Young children will develop many aspects of their learning as they play this app.

How will parents benefit?

Parents who have subscribed to FirstCry PlayBees get access to a huge amount of activities that they can comfortably let their child play independently as well as together. The stories in the app suit shared reading time and the educational games have no time pressure built-in. Parent and child can talk and discuss as they play and learn together.

What can FirstCry PlayBees improve on?

There is a lot of content available in FirstCry PlayBees app. It is downloaded as it is needed rather than all in one go. This technique avoids taking up too much of your device's storage, but it does mean that there is a delay when activities are first accessed.

Parents can visit activities in advance and download them but it would be useful for there to be a more efficient way to do this. Being able to select a group or category of activities to download would let parents and teachers more easily prepare for spending time with their children.

How much does FirstCry PlayBees cost?

FirstCry PlayBees is a free download that parents can expand through subscription.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

Without subscribing to FirstCry PlayBees, players can only access the free sections of the app. There are a few of these each contained within one of the different styles of activities. You can see examples of educational games, rhymes, stories, readaloud stories, and flipbooks. Children will find plenty to do even before you subscribe.

Subscriptions to FirstCry PlayBees can be of varying lengths with the longer ones being better value. Each one comes with a free 14-day full unlocked trial so that you can be totally sure of your purchase.

Is FirstCry PlayBees safe to use?

FirstCry PlayBees has been designed for young children, and its content is entirely safe. Neither the free version nor the subscription version contains any advertisements. A parental gateway protects all of the app's settings. Parents must answer an arithmetic question before any of the options can be changed.

Overall rating of the app

As you'll have seen in this FirstCry PlayBees review, this app contains playable and fun educational activities that are all produced to a high quality. Parents of preschool children should download the app and let their children have a play of the free content. As this is a 5-star app, you may find that you are keen to take out the full.

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