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First Words Deluxe

  • iPad, iPhone
  • Paid
  • age 3+

About First Words Deluxe

FirstWords: Deluxe is a fun and educational app with all universal letters and a words game for young children that includes five sections, animals or vehicles as well as shapes, colors and words around the house, making this a great app for object recognition and the building of vocabulary as well as the learning of letters and the concept of spelling.

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iPad, iPhone


Kindergarten Apps (3-5 Years)



Communication Skills


In-App Purchases - No


Learning Touch LLC

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The best-selling reading game for kids has gotten even better! We've added more words and support for phonics. First Words Deluxe provides endless fun for the toddlers in your life, all while giving your child a head start on learning their letters and learning to spell words.

First Words Deluxe is toddler-tested and approved, with a user-interface designed specifically for the littlest of fingers. The game includes 174 words, including:

48 animals
35 vehicles
14 colors
22 shapes
55 words from around the house

(Fewer words are shown when the phonics option is selected, because many English words are not spelled phonetically. A total of 68 phonics words are included.)

A wide range of options let you tune the game to match your child's current skills and abilities.

If your child is old enough to ask for your phone, they're old enough for First Words Deluxe!

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