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About First Grade Splash Math

SplashMath is a research-based K-5 math program used by over 20 million kids across 50,000 schools in the USA. The award-winning program uses a personalization engine to boost math performance. Splash Maths is available as a free download on iOS and Android devices. 

First Grade Splash Math Review

What is Splash Math

Splash Math is a collection of fun and interactive math problems aligned to Curriculum Standards. Splash Math, whether accessed using its online math practice site or using the Splash Math app, is a programme used by many schools and parents across the world. Its aim to help children achieve mastery in more than 350 math skills chimes with parents and teachers who want their children to excel in this important subject.

What's it about

Splash Math has two broad aims - to enable fun math for students and to make the teaching of math easier for teachers.  

Learning is one thing but remembering, understanding, and becoming fluent in the use of this new knowledge is another.  Math practise in schools has traditionally taken place on worksheets and it has never been that popular with children as it is hardly stimulating.  Then, after practice, teachers are left with a stack of worksheets to mark.  Splash Math for kids produces fun math practice.  Those who administer the maths tasks are freed from marking so that they can concentrate on assessing how to help their students improve further.

A Splash Math student is placed upon a learning path. This is partly informed by a parent or teacher when they set up the programme for their children and partly by each child's engagement and performance within the online math practice games.  The app is designed to ensure that children progress at a reasonable pace and the content's personally-tailored difficulty, while being made up of fun math games, keeps them meaningful too.

Getting Started

Parents and teachers can set up their Splash Math login using the web before they take out any subscriptions. This is an effective way of seeing what tools are at your disposal on as well as seeing what the math games are like for children. Once you have taken out a subscription, you and your children can engage with the platform using either on the web or the Splash Math app. If you only have a mobile device you can also take out a 7-day Splash Math subscription for free in the app, to assess the tools and games.

In the classroom, where there are likely to be more children using the platform than there will be at home, it is good that each child's access is via a separate splash math login.  This ensures their area is protected from accidental or mischevious use by other children which would harm the data collected.

It would be a shame to have the data collected by Splash Math undermined as it is comprehensive, clear, and easy to use.  Teachers trained in using data to inform their teaching will be able to use it to inform how best to use splash math for kids in their class.  Parents will be able to identify how much and how well their children are using the fun math games included.

Whichever way children access the online math practice provided by Splash Math it is always attractive and easy to use. The activities look like games and, while no math app is ever going to be quite as entertaining as 'real' games, the ones on Splash Math do strive towards fun math in a way that worksheets could never manage.  

The interaction with the splash math games is quite varied and suits the task at hand.  Sometimes answers are picked out of multiple choices, at other times items and answers are arranged and placed by dragging and dropping.

Splash Math does seem to be in the early stages of rebranding to Splash Learn. You might see both names across the app, which is still listed as Splash Math, and the website which uses Splash Learn and redirects from to  Regardless of how you choose to use Splash Math, it is a fun math learning platform that helps children to consolidate understanding, learn new skills, and practise what they already know to become more fluent in math.

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