First Grade Kids Word Play

Category: English / Literacy

Ages: 0-3 3-5 7-11
Price: Android - Paid

First Grade Kids Word Play is a collection of 4 games designed to support young children with phonics, reading and spelling. Children can practise spelling in the word search; play a memory game with sight words; learn sounds made by different combinations of phonics and spell 4,5 and 6 letter words. 

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From the Developer

‘First Grade Kids Word Play’ is an app designed for students between year one and two. With a set of 250+ exercises using 250+ words to teach 5-7 year old children phonics, spelling and reading. Images and spoken words help advance their learning. Children learn to read as they play.

The games are –

* Word Search
Children look for words for the pictures shown in a word grid. They can hear the word sound and see the spelling by tapping on any image, but, they have to memorize the letters in the word to find it.

* Sight Words
Children match sight words in a memory game by tapping on cards.

* Phonics
Children learn the sounds made by vowel-combinations and complex consonant-combinations within the context of a word.

* Spelling
Children practice spelling 4, 5, and 6 letter words.

To protect children -
- No integration with social networks.
- No usage data collected.
- No account data read.
- No push notifications.

About Us
We are parents and teachers developing apps to make learning fun for children. We design the apps with our children. Our young children test the apps. We are supported by our families and our customers. 

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