First Grade Kids Math

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Kids practice addition, subtraction, comparisons, sequences and place values.

1st grade math is a set of more than 400 interactive exercises for 6-8 year old kids to learn and practice faster addition and subtraction, place values, fractions, comparisons and skip sequences.

* Practice addition and subtraction at multiple speeds for numbers 0-20 by popping bubbles.
* Compare and arrange numbers upto 100 (50 exercises)
* Recognize skip 2, skip 5 and skip 10 sequences (50 exercises)
* Base-10 place values for numbers upto 999 (50 exercises)
* Use place values to add or subtract numbers upto 99 (100 exercises)
* Learn fractions while feeding the monkey pieces of a pie (50 exercises)

1st grade math is the third app in the Math and Logic Learning series from Infinut. It builds upon apps before it.
The first app - Kindergarten Shapes - teaches shapes, patterns and simple logic. 
The second app - Kindergarten math - teaches the concepts of numbers, addition and subtraction.
This app - First Grade Math - helps kids get to fast addition and subtraction, teaches bigger numbers, comparisons and fractions.

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