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Join over 30,000 satisfied customers - your young child will love this app!!

★★★★★ - Over 30,000 downloads across all platforms!! ★★★★★

Spark your child's cognitive development with this fun and engaging app for kids.

Based on principles of play-based learning, First Alphabet HD features unlimited play and discovery for each letter of the alphabet. Tap the Owl on the ‘O’ scene, and watch the mice run! Move the Jets on the ‘J’ scene into position for take-off. Specifically tailored for high resolution Android devices, you’ll discover an intuitive interface that’s easy to use. This app will keep babies, toddlers, and preschoolers fully entertained and engaged in play-based learning.

✔ Lots of fun surprises and sounds
✔ Professional pronunciations and phonics for all letters
✔ Child-friendly artwork and animation
✔ American and British accents
✔ the ABC song
✔ No Advertising

Reviews (Kindle Fire version):

★★★★★ - "my 3 1/2 yr and 1 1/2 yr old kids love this. They find it easy to play with no instruction from me. There are numerous points on the screen to touch and make something happen with adorable animations for each letter. Every letter you open it announces the letter and what word it makes, e.g.: "Aa is for Apple". You can touch the letter and it will say the letter name. Touch it again and it gives a phonetic sound of the letter. Touch the word (apple) and the voice reads the word. Touch "is for" and it repeats "A is for apple". Great for both ages of my kids for learning and reinforcing letters plus early reading skills. I love it. Best $0.99 I paid for an app. I got the paid version because I read reviews that the free only goes up to letter M! This has full alphabet and NO ADS!!! :)"

★★★★★ - "My almost-2 year old loves this game. He already knows several letters from pushing them and seeing what happens afterwards. The program is simple. Press a letter from the alphabet. The program says the letter and then allows interaction with various scenes (i.e. F for fish brings him to a screen where fish swim across the screen. He can touch the fish and move them to interact). Any teacher will tell you that hearing + seeing + doing is great for learning. For parents not wanting to abandon their children to a device, feel free to use the scenes to practice counting and colors as well."

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