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Synonyms (words that have a similar meaning to each other) and Antonyms (words that have an opposite meaning)often come up in the verbal reasoning paper. This free app enables children to hone their skills at identifying them and practice their spelling at the same time. 
It is a good app for developing vocabulary as every word that is used is explained. A good building block in the preparation for entrance exams.

Teacher Review

The first thing you should do when you download this app is turn off the music in the information section if you are working in a busy place. Then you can start to practice an almost unending supply of synonyms. 
Letters are displayed and have to be rearranged to make a word with a similar meaning to the word in the box. A timer makes sure you stay on track. You can shuffle the letters and have letter clues but getting clues uses up some of your hard earned points. As you go you unlock badges which indicate what level you have achieved. 
There is a leader board showing how far people have reached in their pursuit of synonym perfection. Rather than inspiring it could possibly make children feel rather inadequate when they realise that they have less than 10% of the score achieved by the top players.
The range of words is impressive including some that I had never heard before. It might be handy to have a dictionary on hand if the on screen definition doesn’t explain the word fully enough. 
After completing the synonym section you progress to the antonym part of the app. Following the same format, with similar challenges there is enough here to keep children interested and motivated and ensure that they never forget what a synonym or an antonym is ever again.
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Combine the seven letters in each game to find the synonym / antonym before the time runs out.

Need help? Use Clue Letters! Carefully. Using Clue Letters will decrease your score.

You can find an accurate definition for each word and you can add synonyms / antonyms to your favorites list.
1600 unique synonyms and 700 antonyms to discover!

iPhone & iPad Retina graphics
Universal app
GameCenter: compete on 5 leaderboards and try to earn 12 achievements / badges
iCloud Sync: sync your game progress across multiple devices

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