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About Geofinder: Find my friends

GeoFinder is a device locator app. You provide the app with a phone number, and it sends a message to that number. If the recipient accesses the message, you'll receive details about their location, WiFi, and VPN services.

GeoFinder has native apps on iOS and Android, or you can use it from a computer via its website. The tracked device can be either iOS or Android; you do not need to access it physically in advance. Users are advised to use this app appropriately to avoid infringing the privacy of others.

Geofinder: Find my friends Review

What is GeoFinder app?

GeoFinder is a location tracker app that works very differently from other location tracker apps. Typically, with those, you'll have an account which links multiple devices with the app installed.

GoeFinder does not need an app installed on any device other than the one you'll use to observe the tracking results. To track other devices, you use GeoFinder to send a message with an image you can upload from your device or take with the camera. The app suggests a message, but you can edit it.

When the recipient receives the image and message, it will not show your number. The sender receives a notification along with further details from the recipient. The information includes a location on a map.

You can use GeoFinder to track locations from iOS and Android apps or via a web app on a computer. The device you are tracking can be iOS or Android based — you just need its phone number.

What we love about GeoFinder app.

GeoFinder has a very easy set-up process compared to many other location-tracking apps. As it does not work by gaining GPS data from tracked devices, you don't need to download it to the other phones, set it up, and then link it to your app. You can even do it on the spur of the moment should you realise you need to find a loved one's location quickly.

What skills does it teach?

GeoFinder does not teach skills or knowledge. It may be a tool parents use to gain reassurance as their kids become increasingly independent.

What age is it appropriate for?

GeoFinder is an app for general users who will typically be adults. In the context of this review of GeoFinder, we consider it from the point of view of a parent using it to check their child's location.

Is GeoFinder app easy to use?

If you've used other location tracker apps, GeoFinder might require some adaptation as it works in a very different way compared to those. Despite this, it is easy to use and guides users through sending the tracking message and receiving the eventual information.

How will students benefit?

Students might find this app useful to help them see where their friends are if they're due to meet up or wondering who is nearby.

How will parents benefit?

The strength of GeoFinder is that you don't need to access your kids' devices to find their locations, and you can employ it without advanced planning.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers do not typically use location-tracking apps. It would have ethical implications if used to determine the locations of their students.

How much does GeoFinder app cost?

You can download GeoFinder for free. GeoFinder is a subscription app. Its payment plans reflect how it works, making it more expensive than many other family finder apps. We recommend you try its service within the website to help determine its value to you.

Is GeoFinder app safe to use?

GeoFinder emphasises that you can use it anonymously. You can mask your phone number when you send the tracking image. The developers of the app urge their users to use the tool considerately.

For parents of young kids beginning to travel independently, we don't feel that GeoFinder stands in for a traditional family tracking app as it does not have the features and accuracy to contribute towards keeping kids safe.

In countries covered by GDPR legislation, you are required to have the consent of the tracked person before accessing their location data.

What can GeoFinder app improve on?

The accuracy of the location data is dependent on various technical factors which feed into determining the location data. It does not access the GPS of the recipient's device, so the accuracy can vary. During this review, we saw accuracy margins of between 30 and 200 metres which may not be enough to reassure parents of young children. We'd like the app to make this margin for error more obvious. 

Geofinder does not have a presence on the tracked device, so it lacks features such as geofencing, which parents often want. Its very nature also means parents tracking kids must deliberately engage the service, and their kids must open the message.

Overall rating of the app.

We have awarded GeoFinder four stars as the app does what it claims, and it offers an alternative to other methods of family tracking. We don't feel it provides enough features or reassurance for regular family tracking apps. Still, it is worth considering if its anonymity and flexibility meet your needs. Try the app through its website to see how it works for you.

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