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About Finale To Do: Tasks & Habits

Finale To Do Pro is a task manager and habit tracker which will help organise personal tasks, professional jobs, and studying demands. It also allows you to develop better and more productive habits.

Finale To Do Pro is a dedicated Apple app which works seamlessly across iPhones, iPads, and Macs. You can download a surprisingly fully-featured version of the app for free and use it for as long as you like. A lifetime license adds some extra features for a reasonable price.

This review of Finale To Do focuses on the fully unlocked version of the app, Finale To Do Pro.

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Finale To Do: Tasks & Habits Review

What is Finale To Do Pro app?

Finale To Do helps teachers, students, and others improve their personal organisation. It has tools to help you with to-do lists, task management, scheduling, focusing, etc. The tools exceed the capabilities of those built into your device and include others, such as a Pomodoro timer that might replace whole other apps.

Some of the key features of the app include:

  • Task management to bring order to your professional and personal life
  • Reminders to ensure you never miss a deadline
  • Natural Language Processing to make it easy to enter the details
  • Habit tracker to build in good practices to your life
  • Widgets to keep key details available at a glance

What we love about Finale To Do Pro app.

Adopting new habits is difficult, even if they are likely to improve our lives in the long term. At first, as you adapt, you'll feel like the changes slow you down, and it is tempting to skip them 'just this once'.

Finale uses gamification techniques to encourage and motivate its users to employ it consistently and effectively.

The app strengthens the building of good habits by awarding streaks to players. These unbroken runs of completing an action are very effective at ensuring engagement. Once you've built up a streak of notable length, you won't want it to reset through lack of use.

Finale To Do encourages you to build good habits in life, not just by using the app. Its habit builder lets you choose when and how often to prompt you to carry out what you would like to become a habit.

Everything you choose to do with the app feels effortless due to its polished interface and intuitive controls. Finale To Do also gives you many attractive and clear customisation choices and workflow options to ensure the app works well for your needs.

What skills does it teach?

Finale To Do does not directly teach knowledge or skills but can help teachers and students in many ways. The toolset in the app helps establish better organisational skills or support existing ones.

The greater efficiency that tends to join improved focus and organisation will let teachers and students do more or get the same done in less time.

What age is it appropriate for?

Nothing in Finale To Do makes it unsuitable for young kids, but they are not its intended audience. Those who get the most from it will be determined by each individual's attitude towards using the tools to improve their workflow. Typically, these are likely to be people aged 14+.

How much does Finale To Do Pro app cost?

The main functionality of Finale To Do is permanently free, so you will get it as soon as you download the app, which is also free. You can subscribe to Finale To Do Pro for a low monthly cost or a lifetime license and get extra features. We recommend the lifetime license as it will quickly become cheaper than an ongoing subscription.

If you find the app useful in the short term, you'll likely want to use it for a long time, so the flat fee makes sense.

Is Finale To Do Pro app easy to use?

Productivity and organisational apps must be easy to use and combine well with each user's daily life. No app will help someone who finds it too onerous to use. 

Finale To Do has a polished and intuitive user interface that makes it quick to access and input information. Customising your tasks to reflect their status and importance is easily done through taps and gestures, which the app will lead you through as part of its initial (optional) tutorial.

How will students benefit?

Finale To Do is a great app to introduce to kids as they take more responsibility for time management and planning. The habits Finale To Do supports and encourages will be transferable to many other organisational techniques and apps.

The gamification aspects of this app are helpful for everyone, but kids are very familiar with the approach, and many respond well to the incentive. The sooner kids develop personal organisational skills, the sooner they benefit from them. Fewer forgotten assignments mean less stress and better grades. More effective time management leads to more free time.

The Pomodoro timer, built into the app, is an excellent addition for students, as many find this technique ideal for effective revision. Rather than buy a separate app to try it out, this one gives it to you as part of the package.

How will parents benefit?

Parents who have recognised that their kids could use some help in organising their lives might not want to commit to the ongoing cost that some competing apps have. Finale To Do has an option for a relatively low-priced lifetime license, which could suit parents who want to control their budgets.

The low price also makes the app an option for parents to join their kids in improving their personal organisation. If parents and kids try it together, they can both provide tips and inspiration. Comparing streaks will also add some friendly competitive motivation.

How will teachers benefit?

Being well-organised does not make someone a good teacher. Some utterly chaotic individuals are fabulous educators, but being well-organised does make their lives easier, which might make them even better.

Some people seem to have an innate ability to stay organised, but good organisational skills do not come easily for others. Both extremes will find a lot to like about Finale To Do.

It will support the good practices of those who know how to stay on top of events, tasks, and commitments. Those who are sometimes overwhelmed by everything they need to do will find that Finale To Do helps them define a structure and workflow that reduces their stress.

Some productivity and organisational apps struggle to fit in with the unique demands of teachers' work, but Finale To Do's customisation options help with this. You can use colour codes to make tasks associated with kids, admin, professional development or personal lives easy to determine at a glance.

You can easily add notes to your tasks to ensure you have a single source of information for each task. Widgets and the app make it easy to see imminent deadlines and overall plans, while a simple long press shows you the additional information. 

Is Finale To Do Pro app safe to use?

Finale To Do's developer commits on their website never to include advertisements in the app, even in the surprisingly functional free version. They also state that the app does not collect any personal data.

The tasks, details, and events you enter into Finale To Do synchronise with your iOS devices via iCloud. This is typical for most iOS-based organiser apps, including the built-in but much less functional To-Do app.

In case you are prone to putting your phone down in the classroom, kids can't easily see your private and confidential information as you can secure the app with FaceID or TouchID.

What can Finale To Do Pro app improve on?

Finale To Do excels as a personal organisation app, so our suggestions are for its support to help people see its use in their lives. For example, detailing typical scenarios and tasks for students and teachers will help those who have not used this type of app before recognise its benefits.

The app already has an excellent supporting website, so this could become part of that support.

Overall rating of the app.

To-do lists have always been an effective way of managing time and tasks. They help you remember, assist in prioritising, and are highly satisfying ways of marking a job done. Finale To Do replicates all of this in an attractive package which is a pleasure to use. The additional features, such as the habit builder and Pomodoro timer add further value.

You can easily find out if this app will help you or your kids develop better organisational skills by downloading the free app and using the many included tools. Finale To Do Pro is a five-star app.

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Grant Oganyan

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