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Learn the financial aspects integral to managing a non-profit successfully today! Download Financial Essentials for Not-for-profit Managers right now to begin utilizing these proven management control methods to ensure your non-profit operates at full potential right away!

Financial Essentials for Not-for-profit Managers helps engaged management professionals who lack experience in dealing with financial matters or have become too preoccupied with their non-profit’s welfare objectives to gain an adequate level of internal control over their operations. To run any non-profit effectively, managers must know how to determine whether they are operating at a profit or loss, gauge their revenue accurately, and how they should control their organization to stay on budget. This course helps engaged non-profit managers master the techniques needed to achieve such tasks, going even further to give students an outline to figure out whether their organizations offer valid programs, whether they are successfully competing within their marketplace, as well as many other questions pertinent to get answers to when operating in the non-profit sector.

Financial Essentials for Not-for-profit Managers is a complete learning solution, utilizing a full professional-level textbook – logically divided into thirteen chapters – as well as multiple interactive mLearning features. These study aides include interactive flashcards as well as knowledge exams that test users’ newly acquired management knowledge, explaining both right and wrong answers after each test is administered. All included materials are designed to focus users’ learning efforts as effectively and constructively as possible, while affording students the flexibility of learning on their own unique schedules. With this breadth of features, coupled with an abundance of professional level educational content, Financial Essentials for Not-for-profit Managers offers a user-oriented & finance minded management education that anyone working in the non-profit sector can utilize today to prepare themselves for any obstacles they face in the future.

Included Chapters:

•What Every Nonprofit Manager Should Know About Accounting and Finance
•Accounting Basics for Nonprofits
•Cost-Volume-Revenue Analysis: Are We Breaking Even?
•Financial Analysis and Metrics: Avoiding Bankruptcy
•Forecasting: Revenues, Costs, and Cash Flows
•The Budgeting Process: Device for Planning and Control
•Zero-Base Budgeting and Program Budgeting
•Cost Behavior, Cost Control, and Flexible Budgeting
•Enhancing Managerial and Department Performance
•Obtaining Funds: Short-Term and Long-Term Financing
•Managing Working Capital and Investing Surplus Funds
•Cost Management and Pricing Decisions
•Analysis for Short-Term and capital expenditure decisions and Financial Modeling

Course Features:

•Complete course texts
•Interactive flashcards for subject review
•Comprehensive chapter-level tests
•Explanations of right and wrong answers
•Application does not require internet connection to operate

Learning To-Go: is developed by the market leader ComboApp based on the work of Professor and best-selling author Dr. Jae K. Shim.

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