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Fiete Math Climber

  • iPad, iPhone
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  • age 5+

About Fiete Math Climber

Practice your math skills with this motivating app!  Each time you solve the equation correctly, Fiete the Sailor gets to jump up to the next spot on the sidebar.  Sometimes he lands on a coin and that coin goes into your bank. Other times there are other objects in his path (like pinatas or rockets or bombs) and each of those objects has a special feature. Once you’ve earned enough coins, you can go into the shop and purchase a new character.  
Fun, animated way for kids to improve ability to solve math facts that gives parents data on performance and options to customize their learning experience.  They’ve also incorporated algorithms that track how quickly and accurately you solve the problems and adjust the complexity of the math to match the player’s pace. There’s a parent dashboard with tons of statistics if you’re into that sort of thing and you can also customize which sorts of skills you want to focus on. 

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iPad, iPhone



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In this math game, your children make visible progress. With each correctly solved task, Fiete jumps further up the stairs and collects coins. Your children can then use the coins to unlock other cute characters.

A motivating math app that has your children solving hundreds of math tasks in just minutes. Efficient math practice for grade school!

Learning principle: how children have fun learning math
Our tests have shown children voluntarily solving hundreds of tasks in a short time. On paper, that would be almost impossible.

The game principle is easy to understand: For every correctly solved task, the player jumps one step up the stairs. If the answer is wrong, they jump down one level.
Each task solved is rewarded with a coin. But some tasks offer bonuses.
Your children can then use the coins to unlock other characters.

The direct feedback and the proven reward system motivates the children to keep solving tasks.
Our goal with Fiete Math Climber is for children to do arithmetic voluntarily because it's fun and they can see their progress.

Behind the scenes, the app analyzes the child's task-solving style and continuously adjusts the difficulty. By gently increasing the challenge, their motivation increases and they gain self-confidence in solving math tasks.

Nevertheless, it is always up to the children to decide how difficult they want the tasks to be: they can skip tasks they find too difficult, simplify them, or even make them harder. This freedom keeps their motivation high and ensures that your child will have fun with this math app for a long time.

Helps parents and teachers to identify and resolve issues

The app continuously analyzes the child's arithmetic and reveals the child's skills and potential issues with certain tasks.
The analytics algorithm immediately identifies issues and creates targeted sets of tasks.
The perfect add-on for math class.

The task list shows parents and teachers what tasks the child has tackled.
This makes it possible to see how far the child's skills have come and why they have issues with certain tasks. It will also parents and teachers to help address these issues.

User management allows multiple students to use the app at the same time.Extensive statistics provide information on whether a child is really improving.

- Contains all arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
- Number range adjustable from 1 to 1,000
- Pre-configured exercise sets include: arithmetic up to 20, multiplication tables, carrying tens, etc.
- suitable for children ages 5 to 10
- targeted training possible
- task definition is comprehensively adjustable
- motivation through entertaining game structure with direct feedback
- long-term motivation through the possibility of collecting figures
- user management
- multiple players possible
- statistics show learning progress
- display all tasks solved
- skills analysis
- identify skills and potential issues
- secure
- all data remains on the device

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