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About Fiete Match

Once again the indie development  team, Ahoiii, pull it out of the bag with an app that will test logical thinking, numeracy and memory skills. The app has been beautifully constructed and children will adore playing with it. The app receives a 5 Star Certification and EAS Recommended Status.  

Fiete Match Review

This app was named winner of the “Sega’s Gamescom Big Indie Pitch 2013” and you can really tell why. It has the perfect balance between pedagogy, design, engagement and interaction and quality development. This particular app would benefit slightly older players who are more aware of counting and addition concepts.

The premise of the app is to play the sailor, Fiete, in  a series of matching games. However, they come with a twist! All the games have a different theme and a different way of solving the problem. You must keep on your toes! The idea is that you play in front of Fiete in a lighthouse(spot the swimming goldfish and the spider) and he reacts according to your play. It is like you are playing a real person. This is a fabulous feature as it encourages further interaction with the app.

All in all there are 6 games. In the first you must add up some numbers (all units) and match up with the correct answer. Another game involves finding a number and matching with the physical representation in units of a certain amount of objects .The third game involves association. So, for example, if you reveal an ambulance, you must match up with the bandaged foot and, if you reveal a boat, you must match with an image of the sea. The fourth game includes matching famous landmarks around the world with an image of it. For example, an image of the Sydney Opera House with the image of the harbour which also includes the Opera House (this one is rather challenging at first!). The fifth game involves matching nautical flags and, the sixth game requires users to match ocean animals.  

Fiete Match is all about logic and intuition. The intuition to see what is required in order to solve the puzzles and then, the logic to continue solving the problems.

We really liked this app and children will enjoy playing with it immensely as they do not know that they are actually doing work! The design and sound quality is amazing and a huge part of its charm too. Adults will enjoy it as much as children. It is a great app to enjoy as a family and you will use it for a long time to come.

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iPad, iPhone


Cognitive Development
Engagement and Usability


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Ahoiii Entertainment UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)

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