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About Fiete

This is an app that asks children to complete a series of very simple tasks that will encourage logical thinking. The app receives an EAS Certification of 5 Stars and EAS Recommended Status.                                

Teacher Review

There are no instructions that detail what it is that the learner must do in order to complete the activities within the app. However, older children and adults can guide the little ones if they need help.  The idea is that the learner helps “Fiete”, the main character, to carry out a series of simple everyday tasks that encourage logical thinking.

There are 15 main tasks in total. The tasks include picking up a series of apples and placing them in a bag, opening an umbrella and covering up Fiete, place the cheese on the toast, place the wheels on the car,  give Fiete his Captain’s hat, pair a series of socks together, plant a seed in order to watch a sunflower grow and also, match the logic of activities together. For example, when you lift up the cards, you need to match the eggs with the frying pan, the apples with the basket, the bread and the cheese and spots with the lady-bird. The devil really is in the detail here and, it is astonishing how such simple tasks have been turned into such engaging activities within the app.

This app is a fantastic app for developing cognitive skills and logical thinking.  As the learners carry out such simple tasks, they can think as to what is the causal relationship between things.

The sounds and background noise to the app have been done with an outstanding quality and thought.  Furthermore, the illustrations are very beautiful and look like they have been hand-drawn. This is an app of very high quality and we think that it would make a wonderful addition to the app list for small children.

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iPad, iPhone



Cognitive Development
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Ahoiii Entertainment UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)

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Fiete is a beautifully illustrated, interactive picture book for children between 1 to 3 years.

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There are important tasks waiting for the children: sandwiches must be buttered, tires mounted and ships loaded.

This app was developed by us for our own children. "Fiete" has completely omitted advertising, in-app purchases and there are no links from the game to the internet.
We want parents to feel at ease when your children are playing with our app.

We see "Fiete" as an alternative to the interactive children's book: In a playful way, with attention to detail and design competence is the motor skills and the ability to combine the small encouraged.

The game does not have any written instructions, making it suitable for children of all ages.

Together with their parents, children learn to help "Fiete" in his everyday life. A total of fifteen tasks are waiting to be discovered by them. Sounds and animations are used to encourage and motivate the little ones.


  • Unique game design
  • 2D illustrations and animations, (hand-drawn)
  • 17 interactive scenes
  • 3 memo-games
  • Atmospheric soundscapes
  • Intuitive
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