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Fictive Books Review

Fictive Books is aimed at helping children to improve their reading through a fully interactive game style, reading adventure. Aimed at those children who especially enjoy playing games and earning rewards, the app uses a number of key features of gaming to hook and engage readers. Within the app there are different adventure stories can users can purchase and make their way through.

The stories follow a 'make your own adventure' style, encouraging users to read the story and then pick what happens next. Depending on what they pick will then focus the story in different ways. This means that even within one story there are multiple possibilities and potentially a difference experience each time it is read. Along of the way users are rewarded in different ways. This could be through the amount of time spent reading, or solving puzzles within the story as well as many other elements. 

Fictive Books Features

  • Excellent graphics that are very similar to that of an online game helping to create a game type feel to the overall gameplay
  • Sound is very realistic and again helps to give the feel of playing on a game rather than just reading a book
  • Can continually ‘level up’ through completing different activities in the book allowing them to earn rewards the more they access it
  • Through answering comprehension based puzzles users can earn more rewards but improve their comprehension at the same time
  • Users are able to interact in a greater depth with the stories they are reading through the graphics and game play enhancing their enjoyment around reading

Screenshots of Fictive Books

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How much does Fictive Books cost?

Fictive Books app is able to be downloaded for free and then there is a one off cost for the different books available. These are not the same prices, for instance one books is priced at $1.99 and another $3.99. There is also one book that is included free in the download.

Is it good for learning?

From using the app I felt very much invested in the story and wanted to keep reading to earn more rewards and collectibles. By using these gamification features not only did I find myself reading for longer that I would have done without them but I also read on a much deeper level knowing that I needed to take in what I was reading as I would likely need to solve a puzzle to progress based on what had happened in the story. By using these features it means that not only with children read more (and so improve in their reading) but they will also improve their comprehension skills, learning how to read with a deeper meaning rather than surface reading.

More Information

Gameplay Gamified
Games Games
Narration Narration

Suitable for ages - Primary School Apps (5-7 Years)
Primary School Apps (7-11 Years)

Subjects & Topics - Books
Education Resources

Great for - Communication Skills

Benefits for Students

  • Reading more
  • Reading skills
  • Widening and developing vocabulary
  • Creating an enjoyment around reading
  • Reading on a deeper level, so reading for comprehension and understanding

Benefits for Teachers

  • Knowing that students are undertaking more reading
  • Enhancing student reading skills
  • Improving student comprehension

Benefits for Parents

  • Gamification creates hooks in the app to continue using it on a longer term basis
  • Rewards allow users to feel a sense of pride and achievement in their reading
  • Great, well written stories allow students to enjoy their reading
  • Choice of directing the story and picking which direction the story goes in allows ownership in the story

Download Fictive Books

You can download Fictive Books on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Fictive Books app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Final Verdict: Fictive Books Review

Fictive Books is a great app that I very much enjoyed using. I found not only did it keep me reading for longer than I would have normally but I also felt invested much more in the story and reading it on a deeper level through the extra gamification elements in the app. I would not have felt like this in just a ‘normal’ reading app. It is mainly for these reasons, added to the great graphics that I have given the app 5 stars.

Privacy Rating

Data Safety

Does the app provide a secure and safe experience for its intended usersFictive Books is safe to use

Value and Presentation

Is the app easy to use and accessible?Fictive Books is easy to use and accessible
Is this app well-made and presented?Fictive Books is well-made and presented
Is this app useful for its intended users?Fictive Books is user-friendly
Does this app provide good value?Fictive Books provides good value to the users