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Let your children mark festivities by virtually decorating rooms.  Christmas, Halloween, and Diwali are catered for in this augmented reality app that lets kids experiment and be creative without making a mess.

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Augmented reality (AR) is a new and interesting development that sits well with the technology in modern mobile devices.  With their built-in screens, position sensors, and cameras they have everything they need to form an internal image of a space and embellish it with graphical objects.   Festive People AR harnesses this potential to give children the chance to decorate and play within the themes of different festivals in perfect safety and without making a mess.

As with all AR apps, this one needs to spend a few seconds calculating the surfaces within the room it is being used.  On each occasion tried, this has been brief and has worked without issue.  From that point on, objects can be placed in that space.  Some, such as Christmas presents, and trees sit on the ground.  Others, such as banners hang from above.  They all look good in themselves and sit correctly within the augmented space.  The illusion is very well done and even the shadows they cast are rendered.  

In many augmented reality apps, the placing of objects in the scanned space is the extent of the interactivity.   Pleasingly, there is more to do in this app.  Objects that are placed can be interacted with in different ways.  In some cases, this might be only to jiggle them a bit but, in others, there is a more dramatic interaction possible.  Fireworks can be lit so that they launch and explode in the augmented space and snow can fill the room.  

The interactions are distance and location sensitive, so users of the app are encouraged to move around to place objects and trigger their effects.  For example, the taper for the fireworks needs to have its sparking end placed in just the right spot.  A human character called Niki can be summoned to enter the room and she will enhance it with her actions and interactions.

Users of the app can easily undo any changes or entirely reset the scene by tapping the appropriate icon.  Photos and 10-second videos can be taken of the decorated room and these will launch a method of sharing them once done.  This might be a nice way of letting children connect with far-away relatives at festival times.

Is this app educational, though?  It has some educational merit.  By covering more than a single festival, it is useful to prompt children's interests in culture's and traditions other than their own, but this is limited by there being only three festivals covered: Christmas, Hallowe'en and Diwali.  The app's focus is festivals but as these are intrinsic parts of culture and religion it broadens awareness of them.  A few more scenes covering other religions and cultures would really lift this app's educational value and its developers say more are on the way.

Festive People AR is fun and entertaining.  It ensures that children can engage with the excitement of festivals and their associated objects without fear of damage or harm.  It might not be intrinsically educational but sharing the photos and videos, getting into the spirit of the occasion, and showing others their new scenes will all have positive benefits for both the children themselves and their family.  The app is free to download and has no advertisements built into it so it is a great way of adding to children's enjoyment of special occasions.

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  • Festive People ARFestive People ARFestive People ARFestive People AR


Celebrate Christmas, Halloween, Diwali and other festivals with Friends and Family wherever they are in this AR Game.

Set a AR environment in your home or outdoors, using virtual festive objects in the app and share your experience with your friends and family. Play with Niki your digital festive buddy. All for Free.

Share a 10 second GIF of your created festival environment with your friends.

Fun & Festivity of Christmas, Halloween, Diwali & more in this beautiful and exciting game.

Make it snow in your living room, get santa to appear at your fireplace, decorate your Christmas tree and throw snowballs and charms.

Set off Fireworks with Niki and your friends or create a scary scene in your home or outdoors.

Great family fun.

Please play with caution, as the app can distract from real world hazards.

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