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About Festive People AR

Try out the new technology of augmented reality with your child as you play within scenes inspired by popular festivals.  You won't need anything except your mobile device to see familiar places decorated in whole new ways with Festive People AR. 

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Virtual and augmented reality are two areas of development that are getting increasing attention from technology companies.  While virtual reality requires special equipment, chances are you have all of the tools you need to start playing with augmented reality.

Most modern handheld devices have the necessary cameras and sensors to support augmented reality (AR).  With AR, the apps output, an enhanced version of the physical world, is not viewed through a cumbersome mask but on the screen of your device.

Festive People AR app uses AR to let children play with the paraphernalia associated with different festivals from around the world.  This makes it something of a seasonal app but as it covers Christmas, Halloween, Diwali, and most recently Easter, the seasons it covers come around often.

This app is primarily entertainment-based but it does have educational facets.  With it, children can be introduced to festivals that are less known in their communities.  The different items and symbols shown in each activity are also useful starting points for teachers to discuss their significance and history within each festival.

There is a short process for beginning each of the festival activities.  As the app's output is tied to the real world it needs to complete a short scan of its surroundings.  This is no more complex than pointing your device's camera at the ground and moving forward slowly.  In a well-lit environment, this takes about 2 seconds and even young children will be able to do it easily. 

The interactivity in most of the activities involves decorating the space around the player.  At Christmas, for example, players can place trees in the room and decorate them, presents can be scattered and snow can fill the room.  In other festivals, fireworks can be lit using a sparking taper.

Users of the app can easily undo any changes or entirely reset the scene by tapping the appropriate icon. Photos and 10-second videos can be taken of the decorated room and these will launch a method of sharing them once done. This might be a nice way of letting children connect with far-away relatives at festival times.

In the most recent feature of this app, added during its last update,  children can take part in an Easter treasure hunt.   Either children can create their own Easter village and hide treasures within it or they can pick one of a number of presets.  In the first case, the phone can be handed to another child who can then try to find all of the treasures.  In the second case, children can set straight off and do the hunt themselves.

There is an innovative feature in this scene.  As well as the full-size version of the hunt, which can be played in an open space such as a garden, there is a reduced-scale version which could be played in a normal-sized room.  For children who cannot visit a park, without access to a garden or during bad weather, this is a useful feature.

In all of the festival scenes, players can walk around and among the items placed in the scene.  The illusion is very good.  The items remain convincingly anchored to the physical environment.  A virtual person called Niki can also be summoned and she responds to some of the player's interactions and also relays some interesting facts about the festival.

Festive People AR is not designed to be a pure educational app.  Rather it is a fun app that encourages children to engage with the physical world in a new way and also introduces them to different ways people celebrate their culture.  It is a free app in ongoing development that has recently had the whole Easter section and other enhancements made.  There are no advertisements or in-app purchases.  It is well worth downloading and taking a look at this new area of augmented reality for yourself.

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Celebrate Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Diwali and other festivals with friends and family wherever they are in this fun new AR application.

With our new Easter festival setting you can go on a treasure hunt looking for Easter eggs, bunnies and gifts in one of our preset Easter villages in a life size environment in an open space or you can choose the specially designed indoors model environment built for playing inside your home.

You can set up your own Easter village in as many combinations as you want using your imagination and creativity and hide treasures like a choice of easter eggs , bunnies and presents in your easter village and ask a friend to find them. Days of fun for the entire family.

> Set an Augmented Reality environment in your home or outdoors using virtual festive objects in the app and share your experience with your friends and family. Play with Niki- your digital festive buddy. All for Free.

> Share a 10 second GIF of your created festival environment with your friends. (COMING SOON)

> Make it snow in your living room, get santa to appear at your fireplace, decorate your Christmas tree and throw snowballs and charms.

> Set off Fireworks with Niki and your friends or create a scary halloween scene in your home or outdoors.

> Great family fun. Reviewed by professionals and built for creative immersive festive fun.


Please play with caution, as the app can distract from real world hazards.

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