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You're never too young to use an windowsphone! Let your children start learning the sounds that farm animals make by touching the animal in the barnyard to hear the sound. Your children will enjoy the learning the sounds of the most common animals on the farm.

When they have tired of the animal sounds, let them learn a little farming by using their finger to put the animal in the correct barn. They will learn to recognize what animal goes into the barn through feedback after each successful response. 

Next, let them learn to identify an animal with letters. They can see the letters for cow, trace the letters with their finger, and move on to the next animal. 

After letters, come numbers. They will learn how to identify a number by seeing the number of sheep that jump over a fence. They move on to the next number when they have successfully traced the number with their finger. 

Finally, they will learn pattern matching by trying to find the matching animals hiding behind bushes. This teaches them pattern matching skills and challenges their memories. 

Get your kids started on the road to learning right away and let them have fun doing it with this fun and challenging windowsphone app.
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