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About FamilyKeeper Parental Control

FamilyKeeper is a parental control app for mobile devices. You can track your kids' locations, monitor and block websites and apps, and receive notifications if risky words appear in their messaging apps.

Each connected family member must be using all Android or all iOS devices to enable FamilyKeeper. The apps are free to download and come with a trial period. A monthly or yearly subscription provides ongoing access.

FamilyKeeper Parental Control Review

What is FamilyKeeper app?

FamilyKeeper app lets you:

  • Monitor and manage the length of time your kids spend using their devices to ensure they balance their use of mobile devices
  • Track your child's physical location using GPS to gain reassurance
  • Filter and block websites to reduce the chances of your child encountering content they should not see
  • Block apps temporarily or permanently to prevent kids from using them at inappropriate times or overusing them
  • Receive alerts when the app detects inappropriate language in your kids' messaging apps
  • Monitor the battery level on your kids' devices so you can take action if you see they are at risk of becoming uncontactable

There are two different apps for FamilyKeeper: FamilyKeeper Parental Control and FamilyKeeper Kids. The first of these goes on parents' and caregivers' apps, and they provide you with the controls and information that form the service. The Kids app enables the bridge from your device to your kids'.

You make this link by taking a code generated in your app and entering it into the app on your child's device. The most straightforward way to set up these apps is for you to install the Parental Control app first.

For all of FamilyKeeper's features to work on iPhones and iPads, your devices must run iOS 16 and above, which covers the iPhone 8 onwards. Due to the variety of phones and iPads available in each generation, we recommend you check your devices against Apple's iOS16 compatibility list.

Most mainstream social media has a minimum age rating of 13. FamilyKeeper and other apps that provide safeguarding features do not overrule this. Parents and kids should still respect the terms and conditions of social media, whatever other restrictions they have in place.

What we love about FamilyKeeper app.

The controls and monitoring abilities of FamilyKeeper worked well during this review, and you can confirm this for yourself by using the app's trial. The selection of features and ease of use of the app compared to the subscription cost show good value.

FamilyKeeper goes much further than other parental control apps in educating parents. Kids will one day have a device without controls, and FamilyKeeper's philosophy is for the app to provide enhanced safety while kids learn how to stay safe.

The app's website provides discussion points to raise with your kids. They'll learn your concerns and build the skills to deal with digital risks. You should not neglect these skills once you have a FamilyControl app, as kids may still get to use unrestricted devices through their friends. It is great to see FamilyKeeper acknowledge this.

Something that did not impact the app's functionality but was good to see was a comprehensive range of accessibility options on the app's website. We hope more apps take such care with their supporting websites in future.

What skills does it teach?

FamilyKeeper's purpose is to protect kids from unsuitable content and provide information to their parents to help keep their kids safe online and in the real world. It does not teach knowledge or skills, but it can help to reassure parents and support kids as they become more independent.

What age is it appropriate for?

Parents initiate the use of FamilyKeeper. They should compare the features and controls enabled by the app to decide how suitable it is for their kids.

Is FamilyKeeper app easy to use?

All parental control apps need parents to spend some time setting them up. Linking the devices and understanding the impact of the controls will take a little time, and we recommend that you follow the app's guided installation. You will need to access your child's unlocked device physically.

The code generated in your app refreshes every five minutes, so you must have both devices on hand.

How will students benefit?

Kids never really want a parental control app on their devices, but they are compromises they can accept. If they cannot have a device without the app controls, they'll accept it. If their independence is curtailed by not using a location tracker, they'll agree to it.

As you'll be better informed by FamilyKeeper's supporting information, you'll be better able to discuss all of this with your kids. Your enhanced understanding and open dialogue will help them feel part of the process rather than the subject of it.

How will parents benefit?

Parents know their kids, and kids change as they mature. The multiple options and fine control afforded by FamilyKeeper give parents many options. When kids are young, you might not need the location tools but rely heavily on content monitoring. Later, you might find that the tracker tools are more important to you, but you won't need to set up and learn a new app.

Matching the platform to your needs with a control app on your device is easy. You can make adjustments quickly without getting hold of your kids' phones. You could even relax or strengthen the restrictions to match daily situations.

FamilyKeeper gives parents more than control and monitoring tools. It provides tips and information to help parents make informed decisions about how best to help their kids and keep them safe.

The app's supporting website has excellent articles that incorporate how to use the app and advice on how to discuss it with kids.

How will teachers benefit?

FamilyKeeper is not an app intended for use by schools. However, the monitoring and controls of FamilyKeeper can ensure that kids do not misuse their devices at school. Teachers will appreciate this.

How much does FamilyKeeper app cost?

You can download FamilyKeeper for free on as many devices as you need.

After you download and set up your apps, you'll have a limited time to try out the platform's features. To maintain access, you'll need a subscription. While you can pay monthly or yearly, the discount of the more extended option and the long-term nature of parental control apps make this more compelling.

Is FamilyKeeper app safe to use?

The FamilyKeeper website states that the apps are GDPR, CCPA and COPPA compliant.

By necessity, apps like FamilyKeeper have to access data from your kids' devices, including information such as their location and website access—FamilyKeeper's privacy policy details how this data is stored and protected.

What can FamilyKeeper app improve on?

If every family member uses iOS devices or they all use Android devices, you'll have no problem with FamilyKeeper. However, the app does not support mixed devices. For example, if a parent has an iPhone, they cannot use FamilyKeeper to monitor kids using an Android phone.

This limitation is not typical for parental control apps and could impose restrictions on the family if somebody wants to change device types.

Overall rating of the app.

FamilyKeeper is a well featured parental control app that works well and is easy to use. We especially recommend checking out its supporting material as this will help parents become better informed about the risks and how to help kids mature.

We have awarded FamilyKeeper five stars in this review.

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