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About Family Tools: Family Organizer

Family Tools is a multi-platform app for encouraging family harmony through better organisation. Every member of your family will have an account and keep task lists, calendar entries and other sections up to date. Kids and parents can access the information to see what they need to know and do by when.

Family Tools has a functional free tier that is ad-free and a premium plan that adds plenty of convenient extra features and options. You can test the premium subscription with a 14-day free trial. It doesn't matter which device each family member uses, as Family Tools has an iOS, Android, and web app to ensure platform flexibility. 

Family Tools: Family Organizer Review

What is Family Tools app?

Family Tools aims to make family life less stressful by giving you the means to avoid the consequences of poor organisation and communication. Everyone in your family will enter relevant information and see everyone else's input. Notifications and synchronisation ensure every family member is fully informed and reminded of events.

If everyone uses the easy and quick features of Family Tools, there should be fewer unpleasant scheduling surprises, forgotten tasks, and many other things that result in family frustration.

Below are some sections within the Family Tools apps and how they can help a typical family.


Enter chores, homework, and anything else that somebody needs to do. You can choose which of these issues notifications, such as when your kids have completed their homework or a new task has been assigned.


Everybody enters their schedule in the calendar. With a single, convenient record of medical appointments, social engagements, school interviews and everything else, nobody should encounter any last-minute surprises.


The most obvious use of the lists is to keep an up-to-date grocery list. If somebody uses the last of something, they can add it to the list for the shopper to pick up.

There are many other uses too. You could probably introduce kids to the utility of lists by encouraging them to make a birthday or Christmas wishlist in the app.


Plan meals for the week, generate shopping lists and store recipes in one convenient place in this section. The shopping lists merge with your general grocery list to ensure you don't end up with duplicates

You can import a wide range of built-in recipes or stick to your own. We used the 14-day free trial of Family Tools in this review to assess the premium tier of the app.

What we love about Family Tools app.

Apps like Family Tools are successful when they make family life easier and more organised but mostly fade into the background. Updating the family calendar, setting reminders, and adding to grocery lists won't get done if an app requires too much effort, but we found the Family Tools apps to be very straightforward to use.

We liked that the app was not just a repackaging of general organisational tools but was designed to reflect what families want to know and how they want to use such tools. For example, the premium version of this app includes notifications for when kids indicate they have completed their homework or chores.

Obviously, the app can't check if this is true, but once you see your child has indicated they're done, you can check at your leisure. As kids realise they might need to back up their app-based ticking with the evidence, you won't need to check so often.

Another indication of the app adapting to families is shown in its structure. Rather than a single task list, you can indicate whether tasks are homework-related, chores, or general to-do jobs. This will help everyone focus on what they need to do and avoid kids claiming they did not see a task among a long list of them.

Getting kids to complete their tasks can be tricky. They also tend to believe that their memories are infallible and that planning wastes time. That is, until they find out too late that they have forgotten.

Family Tools works with kids' appreciation of rewards by incorporating gamification features. Completing tasks results in points that let the user customise their account and level up. It is only a small bonus, but many children become competitive and more focused if they see a score reflecting their efforts.

What skills does it teach?

Family Tools is an app for helping families plan, improve their organisation, and allow everything to run that little bit smoother. It does not teach skills directly, but by seeing how better organisation and preparation make their lives easier and reduce penalties for being late or forgetting, kids will begin to develop their self organisational skills.

What age is it appropriate for?

Family Tools is suitable for the whole family. The person who creates the account should be over 13 according to the app's terms of use, but this is more to respect age-appropriate legislation. In practice, the account creator should be an adult family member. Parents and kids use the same native and web apps, but only parent-level accounts have access to some settings.

Is Family Tools app easy to use?

You invite family members to become a part of your Family Tools group. This is achievable within the app. You enter each member's name and choose to invite them by link or email.

There are three account types:

Linked accounts don't require the user to have an email account which makes them ideal for younger kids who might be sharing your device.

When kids are older, they can be upgraded to a standard account which they can use from their phone or tablet. Your account is a parent account which gives you more tools to control access and other settings to your Family Tools group.

Family Tools is essentially the same regardless of whether you access it on iOS, Android, or the web. This consistency ensures you don't have to relearn the app if you change your device platform. The apps have a clear and logical structure, making navigating and inputting information easy.

How will students benefit?

Kids usually start with the best of intentions.

They really mean it when they say they won't forget to do chores or homework. They are confident they'll remember to tell you they've used the last of the milk. They're almost absolutely certain they've told you about the school excursion the following day.

Sadly, when their confidence is proven misplaced, they have to pay the penalties at school or at home. Or perhaps, you do, as you dash around to make up for the lack of notice you've had.

Poor family organisation leads to stress and friction for everyone. Kids who use an app like Family Tools, have the chance to avoid a great many stern words from parents, and they will truly feel they have benefitted from that.

How will parents benefit?

Some results of disorganised family communication lead to hard feelings as you tell your kids off. However, as an adult, other consequences lead to you trying to solve almost impossible problems in a limited time. How often have you realised a kitchen staple has been used up after you return from shopping? How often have you had an evening to prepare for something you should have known about weeks earlier?

Family Tools provides you with the means to avoid many of these problems. The quiet integration of Family Tools could lead to you not appreciating how much your family relies upon it. The statistics section of the app is an excellent way for parents to determine whether the app is providing good value for money. Browsing through this section will show you how many of each task type the app has assisted in completing.

If it isn't as high as you'd expect, you can find out what is preventing your kids from using it. You can confidently continue your app subscription if it is earning its keep.

How much does Family Tools app cost?

Creating a Family Tools account for you and your family gives you some free family organisational tools in an ad-free environment. These are helpful tools that many families will find effective.

The premium tier of the app enhances its functionality with some extra options and features. These include an extended set of notifications to ensure nobody in the family misses important information.

You have a choice between paying monthly or yearly. Once you've assessed the app, we recommend choosing the annual plan. Your family won't want to keep readjusting to new apps, so you'll likely stick with Family Tools for the long term. At the time of this Family Tools review, the annual subscription rate was equivalent to getting two months per year for free compared to the monthly cost.

Is Family Tools app safe to use?

Nobody can join your family's group without being invited. The family administrator can also remove accounts if needed.

The separate accounts of each family member allow parents to distinguish between their accounts and those of their kids. Parents have extra options for administering accounts, ensuring that kids cannot change things they should not. The app's developers indicate that they do not sell your data or use it in any way other than to facilitate your use of the app's features. 

The app does not display advertisements on its web or native apps. This applies to Family Tools' free tier and the premium option.

What can Family Tools app improve on?

We only found limited areas for improvement in Family Tools. These tended to be things that would add a small level of convenience rather than remove sources of frustration. For example, we'd have liked a way to keep the device from sleeping when following a recipe but an occasional touch of the device screen is an easy workaround not uncommon among many apps.

Overall rating of the app.

Family Tools has a generous 14-day free trial and does not need you to enter any payment details, so it is very easy to try for yourself. If this review of Family Tools has suggested that this app is a tool that could help your family be better organised and more harmonious, we highly recommend you give this five-star app a try.

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