Family Island

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About Family Island

Family Island is an app of farm games full of unexpected twists and captivating adventures.

Family Island Review

What do we like about Family Island?

Bruce, Eva, and their children are stranded on a remote island and need your advice and assistance in building a new family house from scratch and jokingly navigating through various family life difficulties.

What skills does it improve?

The game is simple and instructs you on how to choose wisely so that you can keep enhancing your camp.

What age is it appropriate for?

Family Island is appropriate for all ages.

Is Family Island free?

Family Island is available for free to download on all Android and iOS devices.

Is Family Island easy to use?

It takes a combination of tasks, quests, resource collection, and item creation to advance in levels. As you advance, levelling up also becomes more difficult, which is quite typical. New levels provide new possibilities for making more intricate goods and other constructions.

How will students benefit?

Help this family create a prosperous town while they search for a means to reunite with their loved ones and tribe after a volcano eruption destroyed their former settlement. Even though they don't have access to contemporary technology, the characters in this farm game have daily family lives and interpersonal connections that are quite similar to our own.

Utilizing Family Island enjoy your trip back in time to the Stone Age. Utilize the app's cool ancient technologies to get creative and start farming. You can release your inner explorer in this agriculture game and embark on an exhilarating journey to brand-new islands. On the barren island, you can establish your farm. Develop a crop or create something useful to exchange with other characters. You can add lovely decorations to personalise your farm. In this island game, you can get to know the family better while guiding them through thrilling adventures and life stories.

What can Family Island improve on?

If you appreciate time management games, you might enjoy this one. More needs to be done than just planting crops and selling them. Although the title of the game claims to be a farming simulator, this is not quite accurate compared to other games. Planting crops is what that is, of course, but the other things take priority. 

How much does Family Island cost?

Family Island is available free of cost with limited in-app purchases.

Final thoughts

The game has a lot of stuff. Despite being an agricultural game, it goes beyond just tending to livestock and growing crops. You can also construct various buildings and prepare various meals for your family. As you level up, new food selections will be available. Adding features to transform an empty island into a beautiful location is interesting and pleasurable.

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