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About Falou

Falou is a language learning app for anyone looking to improve their speaking skills. Falou is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices.

Falou Review

Falou will swiftly prepare you to hold actual conversations in a variety of languages, including French, Spanish, German, Korean, Chinese, English, Russian, and others. Falou is an excellent addition to your studies and can help you become fluent much faster!

What do we like about Falou?

It's never been easier to learn a new language. Falou is a new app that uses your phone's camera to help you learn languages. You can scan text and have it translated into the language you're studying.

What skills does it improve?

Falou is an excellent software for people who want to improve their speaking abilities. Falou makes learning a new language simple and enjoyable by focusing on communication. You'll have the opportunity to practise with native speakers from around the world and receive comments on your pronunciation. Falou is an excellent method to learn about another culture, whether you're planning a trip or simply want to learn more about it.

What age is it appropriate for?

Falou is appropriate for all ages who wish to learn a language and improve their efficiency. 

Is Falou free?

Falou is available free to users with an in-app purchase. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 

Is Falou easy to use?

Falou is simple to install. After downloading the app, you may sign up with either your email address or your Facebook account. You can choose from a range of languages to study once you've signed up. Overall, Falou is an excellent choice for people searching for a low-cost, convenient, and high-quality language learning programme. The lessons are well-organized and the website is simple to utilise. The audio and video quality is likewise excellent.

How will students benefit?

Falou teaches languages using a number of approaches, including flashcards, audio lessons, and quizzes. You can learn a little amount at a time because the lessons are brief and easy. The platform is also responsive, which means it performs as well on desktop and mobile devices.

How will teachers benefit?

It has a number of functions, including the ability to listen to audio clips in the target language to enhance listening skills, creates phrases and sentences in the target language, and use self-correcting tools. The Language Teacher also has a big database of common words that teachers can use to develop lesson plans.

How will parents benefit?

It is the best platform to enjoy the language learning process. It opens the way to relish the time of acquiring new skills and language. 

What can Falou improve on?

Falou's major flaw is that it isn't thorough. You can use it as a supplement to your learning journey, but it's tough to understand how a speaking app, for example, will help you better your writing. The sole drawback is that, in comparison to other platforms, the number of languages and courses available is restricted.

How much does Falou cost?

The subscription costs start at $9.99 / month.

Falou offers courses in Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese at the time of writing this review. While there aren't as many languages as some of the other options, the courses are nonetheless of very high quality. Falou is a wonderful alternative for individuals searching for a quick way to learn a new language, but it's not something you should use exclusively.

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