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Rating Fairy Tales for Clever Kids - 4 out of 5 - Good Rating 4.0

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About Fairy Tales for Clever Kids

Fairy Tales for Clever Kids is an interactive reading app suitable for early readers that uses well known stories to engage children. The concept introduced by the app enhances the educational value it has: children have to answer short questions before turning the page.  Overall, we liked the idea behind the app and hope the developers will add more stories and continue updating the app. Fairy Tales for Clever Kids received 4 star EAS Certification.

Fairy Tales for Clever Kids Review

We found the concept of the app to be interesting. There are three class fairytale stories that the child can read and interact with. “The Ugly Duckling” is free while the two other additional storybooks “Puss in Boots” and “Cinderella” are available through in-app purchases, each for £1.49. We based our review on all the stories.

When opening the app you can see that the design resembles a bookshelf. At first, the orientation of the app can be disorientating – it starts in portrait mode however, it then forces you into landscape.

The stories are based on the same model: children have to read the text on each page and in order to move to the new page they either have to answer a question (e.g. What is born to ducks?) or follow instructions and drag and drop different objects.

In “The Ugly Duckling” story we found that in one of the pages, when you reach the food for the duckling (the worm) you cannot progress as the user is unaware where to place the worm in order to move on with the story. We also found the same situation when you were asked to find which of the items presented can float in the water.  There was no indication that the child has to drag the object in the water. In order to change the story and return to the bookshelf you have to go back to the first page and then press “back” button.

The story that most engages the child with listening and comprehension skills development is “Puss in Boots” as it asks questions directly related to the story.  It is also important to note that the child has to be a complete reader as there is no read-along function or audio assistance to follow the story. A way around this is to ensure that there is a competent reader to read with the child, but we believe that such a function will open the app to less confident readers.

We liked the sound effects of the app. They are very engaging and of high quality. Visually the app is stimulating; care has been taken over the “Disney” style representation of the tales.

In the Cinderella story, the first task is to select Cinderella however if it’s the first time reading the story the child will not be able to spot her in the pictures. Once again, it is very important that a competent reader who is already familiar with the story works alongside the child with the app.

We like the "what do tears taste like” question as it requires the child to think more conceptually in order to consider that tears taste like salt which also taste like pickles!

At times, the touch screen proved unresponsive on one of the devices we used for testing the app -  the iPhone 5s -  but found it less of a problem on the mini iPad. The stories are available in French, Russian, German, English – and the quality of the translation is very good.

Once content is downloaded the app does not need wifi – this is a very nice feature so that kids can use it anywhere without the danger of being redirected to external links -  also the app has no ads.

We really liked the app and the educational value it brings to children. We feel that the level of interaction might not be enough to keep children engaged for very long but it is worth downloading the app to test their reading and comprehension skills.

We enjoyed playing with the app and hope your kids will have fun with it too. The app receives 4 stars EAS Certification.

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