Fact Fluency: Mastering Multiplication

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About Fact Fluency: Mastering Multiplication

Fact Fluency: Mastering Multiplication is a maths-based app that enables the user to master multiplication using animated tutorials, meaningful visuals and interactive games. The application is suitable for children 1st through to 4th grade, ages 6 to 10.  The app enables the user to work through paths of multiplications that are meaningful and easy to grasp. The app also focuses on skills that relate to multiplication such as breaking down mathematical problems, number lines, number bonds and more. The application is a paid app and does not contain in-app purchases or in-app adverts. The app is best supported in portrait mode on a mobile device but also works on a tablet device. The application is currently available on the iOS platform and has a wonderful supporting website full of resources. It is noted that the application is American-English and supports the US-based curriculum but could also support those who follow the UK educational system.

Fact Fluency: Mastering Multiplication Review

The application opens with a delightful and beautifully presented home screen. The home screen offers some options which include: Maths Facts and Games review. There is an option for parents in the top left which is number protected which includes an option to ‘reset’ your child’s progress and well as ‘sound’ options. There is also an ‘about’ option that provides a detailed description of the application and its educational value. The application covers the following concepts: Equal groups, repeated addition, skip counting, arrays and the commutative property.

Starting with the ‘Maths Facts’ option the user starts with multiplication by 2. The ‘Home’ icon remains in the top left-hand corner. An intuitive sound enters the user into a visual pathway that is clear and colourful. An American narrator starts the pathway by exploring multiplication. This is delightful and graphically pleasing. Moving onto the number 2 the user now experiences multiples of 2 which include visual prompts, displayed text, problem-solving and construction. The next stepping stone ‘2+2+2’ focusing on number grouping where the users identify groups of objects using the number grid at the bottom. The last question asks the user to match number multiplications and addition groups such as 2+2+2 is the same as 3x2 with a drawn line.

Moving onto the next step the domino game requires the user to drag the counters to show the mathematical expression. This is followed by a selection of simple multiplication sums.

The frog pictured stepping stone requires the user to guide the frog through a series of lily pads in multiplications of two. This is a great way for children to hear the rhythm of the times table similar to how a pupil and teacher may repeat the multiplication timetables in class. The matching bubbles stone is next asking the user to draw a line to all matches the include visual groups and multiplication problems. The number dice stepping stone requires the user to pop the dice to solve an equation using the number selector at the bottom of the screen. The ‘Q’ stepping stone focuses on multiplication problems that can be reversed in appearance such as 5x2 and 2x5.  The next stepping stone displays a series of number grids or blocks which asks the user to solve the multiplication sums as well as placing an equation back together. The Spinning wheel on the next stone asks the user to spin the wheel to solve the equation, once gain the graphics beautifully presented and the game is intuitive.  Solving the equations will allow the user to move onto the next stepping stone the bomb. After the equation has been exploded by the cheeky hedgehog the user is asked to place the equations back together. The Lego blocks stepping stone provides the next set of questions mixing numbers and visual icons to solve the equations. We love capturing the balloons game to solve the equations.  The Bingo stepping stone requires the user to select a number using the dice that is then marked off on the bingo card. Playing against the computer who will complete a line of correct answers first for BINGO! The next step provides the user with a game similar to that of Ludo or perfection. Solve the equation against the computer to see who fills in their counter first!

Finding the clown on the next step is a fun and interactive game that our users enjoyed. Solve the equation by selecting a number on the wheel, pop the balloons to find the clown! Fact families can be found in the next step. This is certainly more advanced and asks the users to complete equations using multiplication and division multiples by dragging selected numbers. The IQ stepping stone requires the user to pop bubbles using factors of 2 as they float by. This is quite challenging and our users found that the experience and confidence acquired in the previous steps helped. The final step requires the user to tap the equation that has missing factors of 2. Think and act fast to capture the peaking hedgehog to complete the task. Now that the two times table has been completed the user can move onto five, tens, fours, threes, sixes, nines, sevens and eight timetables.

Returning to the Home screen the user can choose from a variety of Maths games which include: Find the factors, Hangman, 5 in a row, Factor crush and Slingshot.

Find the factor -  The user needs to find the factors for the displayed number of the number grid. Challenging but great fun!

Hangman – Solve the equations before the stickman is hung! 

5 in a row – This two-player game can be placed between two users. Roll the dice and solve the equation to receive a counter that needs to be placed 5 in a row to win. Use tactics to block your partner!

Factor Crush – This requires the user to drag the pieces to match the equations. Move then carefully to complete the game.

Slingshot – Our users enjoyed this game the most. Load the slingshot and shoot down the correct number to solve the equation. Great fun, addictive and super tough!

Is the Fact Fluency app easy to use?

Fact Fluency is an incredibly powerful application and the menu systems and features are very easy to navigate. The application has a clean look to the interface and the graphics are user friendly. At no point does the screen look over cluttered. Each of the games can be easily accessed and the gameplay works seamlessly. We love hearing the encouraging narration and watching the cheeky hedgehog!

How will parents benefit?

Parents can set their child off and running with the application with very little support from the outset. Not only is the application great fun it also has educational value in improving math ability. The range of levels are good for differentiated learning and there are games for everyone.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can set their students off and running with the application with very little support from the outset. Math topics at any level can sometimes be difficult as well as uninspiring. This application brings a fun, exciting, competitive platform that can be used by all ages.

How will the user benefit?

It’s great fun! Our users found the application a delight to use and kept playing the games again and again. They particularly enjoyed the differentiation of gameplay, there is something for everyone!

What we love about the Fact Fluency app

The developers can be congratulated on the variety of maths games the application offers. The application is easy to understand and gives an educational focus for each of the games. We love that the application is supported by the Math Geek Mama website where parents can find an array of information relating to teaching maths along with some delightful resources and parental support. The application has a unique feature that users a variety of methods to teach multiplication in a fun and educational way. Each option enables the user to gain confidence each time with their mathematical skills enabling them to try again if they fail to build resilience and independent learning skills. Our users were determined to reach the end of the pathway and enjoyed the BINGO and Find the clown! We love the quality of this application and the graphical layout. There is a homely feel to the app and the menus are easy to read and the interface is very intuitive. The narration is very encouraging and the illustrations are cute and engaging. 

What the Fact Fluency app could improve on

Fact Fluency is an excellent application and there is a limited amount of improvements that can be made, however, we have suggested the following:

  • The developers might consider the given name of the application. Parents may be confused by the name ‘Fact Fluency; and the intentions of the application.
  • The developers may want to consider creating a multiplication sum to unlock the parental settings rather than just identifying numbers. This would add an extra level of security. 
  • In the ‘Parental’ settings the developers may want to consider adding a further description to explain the concepts that are covered such as equal groups, repeated addition, skip counting, arrays and the commutative property.
  • We were unsure whether the cute hedgehog had a name. Maybe this could be added to the application to add a further hook for the user.
  • When entering the numbers using the number calculator there appeared to be a slight error if the incorrect number was added with the app freezing and sometimes closing with an error.
  • The developers could consider a star reward system for the user which could be linked to a printable certificate. 
  • The developers could provide the user and parent with further feedback in terms of questions answered correctly, incorrect answers and number of attempts by the child.
  • Some of our users found the games quite repetitive and often lost focus. The developers may want to consider reducing the number of stepping stones in each edition especially where games are repeated.
  • The developers should consider a final reward after all the steps have been completed.
  • The developers may want to add information to where this would fit into the educational curriculum for certain age groups such as Key Stage for the UK market and the Common Core standards for the US market. Parents are often keen to know that games such as these do have a real educational value that is linked to official curriculum content.
  • The developers may want to limit the number of guesses the user has. Often our user did not know the answer so guessed multiple times.
  • The developers may want to consider an option to repeat the audio instructions.

How much does Fact Fluency cost?

Fact Fluency is a paid application and is available on the iOS platform.

Is Fact Fluency safe to use?

Yes. The application does not require an account or email to start. The application does not contain any offensive elements or 3rd party adverts.

Overall Rating of the application

Fact Fluency is an excellent Maths based learning platform. Not only does it come with a variety of content the application encourages your child to boost their maths ability whilst having fun. Fact Fluency comes recommended by The EducationalAppStore.com

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Download Fact Fluency: Mastering Multiplicationfor iOS Visit Website

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