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About Facebook for Education

Facebook is a social utility that connects us with the people, brands and organizations we care about. Facebook is a vital tool for teaching and learning in the 21st century and for making education more social. It is already being widely used in colleges and universities across the UK and globally, but it has the potential to be a game changer for teachers, schools and the classroom. 

Facebook for Education Review

Ways to use Facebook as a learning tool

Not using Facebook as a learning tool yet in your classrooms? This is the time to start now. It is a unique way of educating you. It is very interesting and engaging for the students to get taught in this manner. Facebook, unites the groups for learning together.

Exchanging ideas on various platforms makes learning very easy. Whether the Student is from high school or college going, it is the best idea to make them unite on a common topic. When you decide to go to Facebook for learning, there are many ways to fulfill this task. Today Facebook gives more options to use it as a learning platform. Let us look at some of the advantages of using Facebook for students. They can start to practice it and learn a lot.

1. Facebook groups

Check the number of students in your school. Make sure that they are on Facebook. This is necessary for learning Facebook in the classroom. Create a Facebook group of all the students in your class. Make this group private because student's information and courses get shared in it. This is a good option for Facebook learning.

2. Documenting

Ever seen the younger generation on Facebook? They want to publish, share, and record every part of their lives. Where they go, to whom they meet, and what they do in their day to day lives. Take advantage of this and use this for Facebook for educational purposes. For example, if the class has organized a picnic or an educational trip, the teachers can put up the pictures as a part of Facebook learning. They can share information or reviews about it on the site.

3. Facebook Live

Facebook life can prove to be an excellent learning feature for students and for educational purposes. Students can use Facebook in the classroom to stream videos. They can post it later for others. This medium is not only for educating them but also good if students want to use it for their referencing later. Students can record difficult chapters. They can use it in the study by watching and learning later.

4. Facebook Polls

Polling can be an exciting medium for students. They can seek and give their opinions about a particular topic or a situation of debate. Students through Facebook learning can create their polls for their classmates. They can ask for their vote about simple day to day things or class materials.

5. Digital citizenship

Using Facebook for educational purposes encourages students to meet and talk online. The teachers can guide them to get digital citizenship skills. Students through Facebook learning can learn how to create content. They can comment and share the right kind of material online. Digital citizenship also allows the students to identify, analyze, and differentiate fake content. These contents run online from the real ones.

6. News Feeds

Students can create news webcasts for themselves. This is one of the most exciting points of Facebook for students. Later, they can share it on the page for their friends and classmates. Webcasts contain clips, local news, favorite stories, breaking news. Students can share it with their classmates belongs to each field. For example- academics, fashion, sports, inter-school competition or inter-school standings, etc.

7. Challenge your mind

Big companies have the capabilities to nurture and bring up new talents. They have contests and web challenges or quiz to identify the talents of all age groups. Facebook learning is a suitable medium for this purpose. These challenges offer business and mind-bender case studies for students. Students can take up these challenges online. Then they can apply and show their skills on these platforms.

8. Post events

Facebook for educational purposes has not limited functioning. It provides more than studying and sharing bookish knowledge. Facebook for students can also have a fun piece. Schools often organize or take parts in matches or a charity event or festivities.

Students can put up all the events that are taking place in their school on Facebook. They can invite participation while informing everyone about the events. This approach enhances Facebook learning and develops a synergy among all students. Students can sync up their calendars with Facebook since it offers that feature.

9. Make global connections

Facebook is not a restricted medium to a city or country. It is a worldwide platform. Then why not make Facebook in education also that broad? Students from different parts of the world can come together on various topics. They can debate and discuss to draw a conclusion or have a common opinion on a particular issue. That doesn’t affect their own demographic rather it is a part of a more prominent and common global problem.

10. Book/Journal Reviews

Books or educational magazines are part of every child’s life. Learning is must whether he is learning from a textbook or using Facebook for education. What if you have read an excellent book which you feel your friends should also read? You are studying for a competitive exam and feel this book has unique content. It may help analyze faster. You have a paper to write and need references or guidelines. Do you want to access another friend's published journal? Facebook in education helps students find and improve each other sail through.

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